How to Increase Email Open Rates for Marketing Emails & Newsletters

Here are 10 ways to increase email open rates for your marketing emails and newsletters. Improve email conversion rates and get more subscribers for your business.


How to Increase Email Open Rates for your Marketing Emails & Newsletters


1. Write an Engaging Email Subject Line

Email Subject Line is the most important factor that determines if your email will be opened or not. About 33% of email are opened simply based on email subject lines. Provide a concise, relevant and interesting subject line to catch your reader’s attention.

Long subject lines are generally truncated by Email Services like Gmail, and Mobile devices. So test your email subject lines before sending out marketing emails and newsletters.


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2. Personalize Your Email

Personalizing your email is a great way to engage readers and increase email open rates. Of all the emails that flood your Inbox, imagine seeing your name in the subject line of an email. Doesn’t it tempt you to open it ? Add the first name of your reader in your subject line and watch your email open rates grow quickly.

You can also use the recipient’s first name in the opening, like ‘Hi Adam’ instead of just saying ‘Hi,’. Also, write the email as if you’re writing to just one person. Such personalization will increase familiarity, compel receipients to open your email and engage better.


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3. Provide Useful Information in your Emails

If you send information that is interesting and useful to your readers, your email open rates will skyrocket over time. If you only send information that can be found elsewhere, or worse, only promotions then people will either unsubscribe to your emails, or send them to trash. Ask yourself questions like, “How will this email help my readers become better at what they do?”, or “What problem does it solve for my readers?”. Most businesses send educational emails but the most engaging ones are those that solve a problem for its reader. Send high quality emails less frequently so the recipients will look forward to it every time. It will not only engage your existing subscribers but also help you build email list even further. As you build your email list, you can send email blast to inform them about interesting & useful things.


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4. Send Emails from a person, not a company

Would you rather open an email from “Company ABC Ltd” or “Tim Collins” ? The Email Sender is as important as the subject line when it comes to driving email open rates. An email from a company gets marked as spam, because people see it as advertisement or an automated email. Use your own name in the ‘From’ email address instead of using your company name to increase email open rates. Also, avoid sending emails using generic email addresses such as, or Using real names & email addresses tell people that you value their relationship and that they’re not just an email address in your mailing list.


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5. Send Email at the Right Time

Timing is everything in Email Marketing. If you send emails on the wrong day, or at the wrong time, it’s unlikely to be opened. Avoid sending emails on Mondays as everyone is buried in their work, after the weekend. Email marketing studies show that Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are the best days to send emails. People are mostly offline on weekends & holidays. However, some industries such as online retail may also respond well to weekend mails when people are ready to go shopping. To get higher email open rates, the trick is to try out various days & times and keep testing.


6. Avoid Spam Filters

Email Spam Filters are getting better over time, and if your email ends up in spam folder, your email open rates will go into a free-fall. To escape email spam filters and improve email open rates, avoid using spammy keywords and phrases in your email subject line and content such as “sale”,”free”,”deal”. Also, avoid using all caps in your subject line, and don’t add too many links in your email message. You can also use one of the many online email spam checker to check if your email will be marked as spam.

Similarly, GMail classifies emails into different folders (Primary, Promotions, Updates, Forums, etc). Newsletters & Marketing emails end up in promotions and tend to get lost in the clutter of promotional emails. So ensure that your email lands in the Primary folder of GMail.

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7. Segment Your Email List

An effective way to ensure your emails are relevant to recipients is to segment your mailing list. You can segment it in many ways based on interests, location, age, gender, purchasing behavior, etc or your subscribers. If you don’t have this information handy, you can get more information about your readers through an online survey when they visit your website, or in your welcome email. Once you are able to group your readers, you can easily craft personalized emails with content that is highly relevant and engaging to them. This will improve email open rates for your marketing email and newsletters. The best email campaign software tools & services provide the ability to segment email list out-of-the-box.


8. Don’t buy Mailing Lists or Leads

Companies try to buy email lists or leads to quickly jump start their email marketing strategies. They hardly work because the recipients neither know you, nor they’ve heard about your business, they may not even be the target audience for your business, and may have no reason to open your emails. It’s a lot easier to give away free tools or content in exchange for an email address. This way when the recipients get an email from you, they will recognize your business, remember the value your provided earlier and will be tempted to open your emails.


9. Keep your Mailing List Fresh

In addition to collecting email addresses, it’s also important to clean up your mailing list once in a while. This means reviewing your mailing list periodically, removing inactive subscribers or emails which bounce back. Also, you can correct typos such as instead of to get higher email open rates.


10. Format Emails to work on Mobile Devices

About 74% of smartphone owners use mobiles to open emails. So if your emails don’t look good on mobiles, they won’t be opened. Ensure that your subject lines are not truncated on mobiles, they open quickly, images load correctly and the email text doesn’t look too small or too big. Also, ensure that readers shouldn’t have to scroll sideways to read your content. This will provide a pleasant and engaging experience and boost email newsletter open rates.

It’s also a good idea to know what’s a good email open rate for your industry, so you can benchmark the impact of your email marketing campaigns. Most of the best email marketing software allow you to track open rates and click through rates of your email marketing campaigns and optimize them.

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Got any more tips to increase email open rates? Share them with us.


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