How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Score

Improving Adwords Quality Score is one of the most effective ways to boost your Google Ad positions and reduce your Ad Spend. Those who run Google Adwords Campaign know that Google assigns an Adwords Quality Score to each keyword in a campaign. It is used to reward advertisers that provide the best user experience whether it is keyword query, or click through to the landing page.

Adwords Quality Score can have a profound impact on Campaign Performance, and lower your Cost per click (CPC) a lot. Here’s how adwords quality score affects CPC

adwords quality score vs cpc

What is Adwords Quality Score?

Adwords Quality Score is Google’s way of rating your ads based on your keywords, ad relevance and user experience. It’s used to calculate your cost-per-click and multiplied by your maximum bid to calculate your rank during the ad auction process. Adwords Quality Score depends on following factors:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) of your Ads
  • How relevant is each keyword to its ad group
  • Landing page relevance & quality
  • Ad Text Relevance
  • Your historical AdWords account performance

Here’s how to check your Adwords Quality Score.


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How to Increase Your Adwords Quality Score?

1. Keyword Research: Adwords Quality Score is driven by relevance of each keyword to its ad group. So use Google Keyword Planner Tool to discover and add more keywords that are highly relevant to your ad groups, including long-tail keywords that form bulk of the search traffic.


2. Add Negative Keywords: On the other hand, discover and exclude irrelevant keywords that are wasting your Adwords budget.


3. Keyword Organization: Organize your keywords into small, highly targeted groups that are relevant to your individual ad campaigns. Don’t just have a couple of ad groups with all your keywords in them. It’s difficult to achieve ad relevance with such groups.


4. Optimize Ad Copy: Write an ad copy that is tailored around your keywords. Ensure that you include keywords in it as well. This will increase the relevance of your ads to the users. It will not only increase Adwords Quality Score but also improve the Click-through rates of your Ads.


You can also read about the new Expanded Text Ads by Google to help you drive more website traffic with bigger ads. Also check out our list of Best Performing Google AdSense Ad Units.


5. Optimize Landing Pages: It’s important that your landing pages are very relevant to the keywords you’re targeting in your Ad Campaign.

If you’re targeting only a few keywords, it might be a good idea to create separate landing pages for each ad group. This will not only increase their relevancy but also improve your conversion rates.

If a users reads your ad, clicks through it to your landing page and finds that it meets his expectations, then it’s very likely that he’ll sign up for or buy your product/service. Imagine a Coca-Cola Ad that leads to a Pepsi landing Page! That would be misguiding. It must be a cohesive user experience from keyword search to conversion.

You can test what Google thinks about the keywords on your landing page by providing your Landing Page URL in Google Keyword Planner and seeing the keywords that it comes up with.

google keyword planner tool

Learn how to monitor Ad Campaign Conversion rates using Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Tool. Also, check out our list of Best Landing Page Examples that you can use for your own business.


6. Improve on-site user experience: Landing Page load time is an important factor that affects user experience. Ensure your landing pages load fast. You can check them in Google Webmaster Tools or Page Speed. Landing Pages can be slow because of the following:

  • Slow redirects
  • Multiple redirects
  • Interstitial pages
  • Slow server
  • Large page size

Here are some tips to speed up your website.

You can use Google Adwords Preview Tool to test if your Google Ads appear for your target keywords, how they look on different devices and improve them.


You can also learn how to retarget people who visited your website using Google Adwords Remarketing Ads.


The key is to focus on relevance every step of the way – whether it is keyword research, organizing them into ad groups, creating campaigns or writing ad copy. This will ensure that your ads are displayed to the right audience and entice them to click through to your site.

Once they’re on your site, the key to boost your adwords quality is to improve user experience on your site. Increasing Adwords Quality Score can improve your PPC Advertising tremendously.

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Got tips to improve Adwords Quality Score ? Share them with us.


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