How to Get More Yelp Reviews for Your Business

In today’s digital world, reputation is a highly influential factor for your business. While talking about business reputation, you can’t really forget about Yelp, which is arguably the most followed business rating and review platform out there.

While positive reviews on Yelp can elevate your business, negative reviews can equally impact hurt your business. In order to have a positive score on Yelp, gaining more Yelp reviews is the way to go. If you’re someone who is bothering about how exactly to get more yelp reviews, continue reading to find out.


4 best ways to get more yelp reviews

If you own a small business, maintaining a predominantly positive reputation on Yelp is highly important, as most of your customers usually check Yelp reviews before making a purchase.

Follow these 4 below-mentioned tips to get more Yelp reviews.


Seek help from Friends & Family

When you need a favor for your business, family members and friends are probably the first ones you should go to. Since, most of your peers are already an ardent group of well-wishers for you and your business, asking them to give you positive reviews on Yelp is a simply yet effective thing.

But while doing so, make sure that you tell them to write compelling and detailed reviews so that the Yelp’s algorithm picks them up and place them on top of your Yelp reviews page.


Turn to faithful customers

If your business has a few sets of consistent customers who love to buy your products or services periodically, you may have already heard a few good things about your business from them. Why not simply ask them to write and post those positive things on your Yelp business page!

Your loyal customers can write elaborate and brief review about your business, which can appeal to other potential customers who’re reading those reviews.


Ask your suppliers

If you’re running your business for a decent amount of time, you may have already established some strong and positive relations with your vendors. Usually, they possess complete knowledge of the way you operate and conduct your business.

Since they know a lot of ins and outs of your business, they’re eligible to post a review about your business. So, waste no time and ask your vendors to write positive reviews about your business on Yelp. As long as it’s legitimate and genuine, there’s nothing wrong with a supplier reviewing your business.


Filter out the Positive reviews

Finally, the most effective way to get more Yelp reviews for your business is to get the positive reviews out of the filter. Yelp’s algorithm is a bit complicated one, which sometimes hide some positive reviews, which it assumes either invalid or lack of value.

Usually, these reviews are placed at the bottom of your Yelp business page. In order to combat this situation, you can follow several steps such as contact the reviewers and ask them to edit or update their review, make their profile more authentic by updating with more information.



You are probably aware of the Yelp reviews’ importance for your business, so now it’s time to take action and work on improving the count of positive reviews for your business. By following the above steps, you can easily get more Yelp reviews, which can help you exponentially in getting new customers.