How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Small Business

Ever wondered why every time you eat, you are immediately asked to review the restaurant online? Or why you are asked to rate every hotel you have stayed at? Or why you have to give ‘stars’ to even your driver every time you book a ride online? That’s because online reviews matter; they not only help in establishing a brand name for the companies, but they also drive a number of customers to your business. That’s why you must always try to get more online reviews for your business, and here are a number of quick tricks which can help you do so.


Be where your Customers are

By creating pages on social platforms and business directories, where your customers are, will bring you in the same social arena as your customers. Firstly, it will make your business more accessible and secondly, you will also be able to engage with your customers better.

For example, millions of small businesses receive their customers from Facebook ads, so by creating a company page on Facebook your existing customers will be able to write their reviews which your potential customers can see. Facebook will then, act as a one stop shop where you interact with your customers and also drive them to your main website.

Similarly, many restaurants get their customers from business listing websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and FourSquare, so you should make it a point to add your business in those places.


Personal Request

You can also ask for a review after you complete your service. For example, every time you get a delivery from Amazon, you are asked to rate or review your product. If you provide good service, then the reviewers are motivated by a desire to compliment your business.

Let your customers know that their opinions matters to you and how important it is for the growth of your business. Sometimes getting a review is really that simple.


Call to Action

Adding a simple ‘click to review’ button on your website is another great way to get more online reviews for your business. Your existing customers can drop reviews which will be automatically on your website for your potential customer to see.

More importantly, your customers will not have to browser through many pages to write or look for the review. This method is not only relatively simple but also visually compelling.


Incentivize the reviews

Everybody loves a good offer. Some businesses provide great incentives to get online reviews and there isn’t really a better way to motivate your reviewers than a freebie in exchange for his/her review. It will boost your traffic, drive a number of customers to your website, and also amplify your sales exponentially.

This idea may cost you a bit as you will also have to provide something in exchange of a review, but you have to understand the impact that reviews have in online space – they have the ability to make or break a sale. So, granted you will have to walk an extra mile to receive the reviews, but they will help you in the long run.



While it is important to get more online reviews for your business, it is also vital to know where your customer is based, before you try to incorporate any of the review methods that are listed above. It is only then your review campaign will be successful. While you cannot control what your reviewers might write about you, you can always make it easy for your customers to submit reviews and that itself will work in your favor.


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