How to Get More Leads for Your Business

When you run a small business, one of your biggest concerns is how to get a steady supply of qualified sales leads. It can be a real challenge for marketers with a limited budget. Here are some effective methods via which you can get more leads for your business without spending too much.

Instagram Influencers

Instagram’s “high engagement rate” and “visual nature” makes it a valuable marketing tool, according to Statista. It predicts that by 2019, there will be approx. 111 million active Instagram users in the U.S., and as of June 2018, it recorded 1 billion active Instagram users worldwide. Influencers can help you connect with those active users who could be potential consumers. They will help you deliver highly targeted messages, break through the noise and forge a meaningful relationship with the target audience.

Influencers are seen as credible, reliable and authentic by their followers. If they recommend your products or services, you are most likely to get more leads for your business. You must, however, find influencers who are a right fit for your business. Their image and posts should align with your marketing theme and objectives.

For example, a business selling gardening tools cannot ask someone who posts images of beauty products to promote its product. An ideal influencer for that business is probably someone who shares pictures of manicured gardens and has shown interest in gardening.

A simple search using a hashtag or relevant keywords will help you create a list of influencers for your business. If you do not want to spend time searching for influencers on Instagram, you can take the help of these tools to find them: BuzzWeb, BuzzSumo, Klear, and Ninja Outreach.

After you create the list, the next step is to determine the right ones for your business. You can do that by taking a look at the number of their followers and how engaged they are, the accounts that they follow, check out their new and old posts and check how often they post. Also, take a look at their followers’ accounts, it will help you assess whether they are the right audience to deliver your message.

Once you have found the right influencers for your business, you can approach them with your campaign proposal. It is better to contact dozens of micro-influencers to spread information about your business, and not a hot-shot Instagram celebrity, who is likely to charge high rate/post. Micro-influencers may have less than 10,000 followers, but they are an interactive audience and make the comment section very lively. This results in higher engagement.

• Instagram Analytics Tools
You can analyze and monitor your campaign performance through analytics tools such as Socialbakers, Keyhole, Iconosquare, and Sproutsocial. They provide you with the data needed to optimize the Instagram campaign and improve your engagement rate, as well as grow followers. Higher engagement rate means you are most likely to get more leads for your business. Analytics tools help you discover what kind of content works for your business, the best time to post, and your competitors’ Instagram activity.


Consumers are increasingly becoming self-informed, and Quora is proving to be a useful platform for them. The information exchange platform allows users to ask and answer questions. Because of that, consumers are using it to find answers that help resolve their pain points. You can use it to gain influence in the market and get more leads for your business.

To reach your target consumers, search for questions that are relevant to your business. By answering their questions, you can engage them and arouse their interest in your products or services.

However, before you start posting your answers, you must craft a credible bio. It should provide information about you and your business, and make you look authentic on Quora. You also need excellent writing skills to succinctly explain the benefits and features of your products or services.

Your answers should not sound like a sales pitch, but it should look like you are providing a viable solution. Make it informative and engaging. Do not go on a spree answering questions that are not related to your business.

To be successful on Quora, maintain consistency of your content, determine on what day(s) and at what time you will be active, and post regularly. You can use Quora’s Stats to get an insight into the performance of your answers. It will tell you how many views your answer received, as well as upvotes and shares.

Slideshare Presentation

Slideshare is a presentation platform that can help not only generate brand awareness, but also help drive traffic to your site, which results in generating leads for your business.

To hook the audience, your slide show’s introduction should be catchy, and the slides should tell a story. Instead of using bullet points and clip art to design your presentation, you should use “large text” and “vivid imagery” to draw in and engage an audience, according to SlideShare. You can embed YouTube video as slides in the presentation.

Once you have created the presentation, share the Slideshare on Twitter and Facebook. You can embed it in your blog and website as well. And, by leveraging Slideshare analytics, you can find out who is viewing your presentation, location of your audience, and when your content performs best.

You can use tools like PowerPoint, Canva, eMaze, Google Slides, and Picktochart to quickly create your presentation and share them with your target audience.