How to Get Local Media Coverage for Your Small Business

Small business owners wear many different hats, including the one of a product manager, customer service specialist and accountant. This means that they might not always have time to wear the hat of the marketer. But as a small business owner, you understand the importance of marketing your business and attracting customers locally. Some of the options you have are to pay for an advertisement on the radio or in local newspapers. But there is nothing quite like editorial coverage as it gives your business more credibility and makes a greater impact with potential customers. It is important to know how to get local media coverage for your business to attract more people.


How to Get Local Media Coverage for Small Businesses

Here are a few ways to get local press coverage for your small business.


Research Different Types of Local Media Available

The first thing to get local media coverage is to do your research and learn more about your local media, including radio stations, magazines and newspapers.

Find out the demographic they reach, how their content varies daily and what their deadlines are.

You should also make a note of the names of broadcasters, writers and editors who produce material that your customers might like.


Network With Your Local Business Community

It is incredibly important to network to make your small business stand out.

You can increase your prominence in your local business community by becoming an active member of the Chamber of Commerce as well as other business groups in your area.

Offer to speak at events, go for committee positions, organize stalls at conferences, etc. This will help in maximizing your chances of meeting your local media.

Networking is one of the basics when it comes to how to get local media coverage for your business.


Create Useful Content

To get good media coverage, your story needs to be interesting and give viewers and readers new information about your business and brand.

Creating your own content is the best way to get information about your small business out there. However, keep in mind that news outlets do not want advertisements – they want stories.

Once news sites publish your stories, post the completed articles on all your social media platforms. Also, make sure that you create diverse content or it will bore your audience.


Invite the Media to Special Events

If you are hosting any special event, always make sure that you send the media an invite.

Give them easy access and do not forget to remind the press that you are always available to speak to them on any press release that you issue.

During an event, make sure that you make time for addressing the press or for them to ask you questions about your business and get information that they can spread to their viewers or readers.


Once you master the basics of how to get local media coverage, you will find it a lot easier to get other opportunities with the press. It may be tough to get into the news, but it is easy to stay there if you have the ability to consistently come up with innovative ideas for news stories that focus on your small business. Not only will you attract new customers, but also keep your current ones loyal and coming back for more.


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