How to Find Negative Keywords for Adwords

Negative keywords prevent Adwords from displaying your Ads for certain search keywords & phrases. However, it is important to find negative keywords that are relevant to your product/service and industry, to be effective. Here’s how to find negative keywords for Adwords.


How to Find Negative Keywords for Adwords

There are multiple ways to find negative keywords for your business. Just as you need to target the right keywords to attract the right audience via Adwords, you need to use the right negative keywords to avoid the wrong audience. Here is how to find negative keywords for Adwords.


1. Using Manual Search

One of the easiest ways to find negative keywords is to simply do a manual search on Google. Make a list of 5-10 keywords that you wish to target via Adwords and search them on Google.

Look at the search results. Are they all relevant to your business? If not, which results are irrelevant? What keywords do they target?

For example, if you search for “heater repair” you’ll see something like,

how to find negative keywords

You’ll find that search results also contain results for water heater repair, car heater repair. If you are an air conditioning and heater repair service, then these results and their corresponding target audience might be irrelevant to your business.

So you can add words like ‘car’,’water’,etc in your common negative keywords list.


2. Google Suggest

When you do manual search, look at the search suggestions offered by Google. Many of them might not be relevant to your business.

heater repair google suggestions

You may not want your Ads to be displayed for these search terms. For example, words like ‘resistor’,’relay’,etc can be added to your general negative keywords list.

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3. Keyword Planner

One of the most popular ways to find negative keywords is to use Keyword Planner, just as it is also one of the top Adwords best practices to find target keywords. When you enter your target keywords in Keyword Planner, it will give you keyword ideas and suggestions. However, not all of them may be relevant. In fact, we got 600+ keyword suggestions for ‘heater repair’.

keyword planner suggestions


Obviously, not all of them are relevant, and you don’t want to waste your Ad spend on them. For example, you’ll see suggestions such as ‘furnace repair’, ‘furnace replacement’ that you don’t want to target if you repair air conditioning systems. So you can use this list to find negative keywords for your Google Adwords Ads. If you are wondering, “How many negative keywords can be used in adwords?”, then you can safely use upto 5000 negative keywords in your Adwords account.


4. Using Search Term Report

Did you know that Google Search Term Report shows the actual search queries people have entered in Google that displayed your Ads. Once you have a list of all search queries people enter to see your ads, you can easily prune them to avoid irrelevant visitors.

It allows you to see the impressions, clicks, match type (exact/phrase/broad) for each keyword so you can decide whether to target it or not.

adwords search terms report


If you come across any keyword that is irrelevant to your business, or has low click through rate, you can add them to your negative keywords list and stop targeting them.

5. Use a Negative Keywords List Generator

There are many free negative keywords list generator tools our there, as well as paid ones, that can help you readily generate negative keywords list, with some configuration. SEMRush, Wordstream and SEOBook are some of the popular negative keywords list generator tools. However, make sure you use the above tips before using any keyword generator tool, mainly because those tips work based on Google’s Search data which is most relevant to Google Ads. These tools use their own data, sourced from third-party vendors.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you find negative keywords for your product/service.


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