How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Guest Post for Your Blog

It can be hard to find guest bloggers who will write quality articles for your blog, and help quickly grow your blog in exchange for a few backlinks and sharing of guest posts. Here are some of the ways you can overcome this problem.

How to Find Guest Bloggers to Write Guest Post for Your Blog

Here are the steps to find guest bloggers to write guest posts for your blogs and how to ask someone to guest blog for you.

1. Where to find guest bloggers for your blog

The first step to attract guest bloggers for your blog is to build an online community around your blog. A good community means a blog that regularly publishes useful quality posts that get a few shares, which has active commentators and people having meaningful discussions. When prospective guest bloggers visits your blog they should feel as if your blog is a vibrant place to be a part of and that their content will be well-received.

2. Create a page for Guest Post Guidelines

Create a separate page that provides guest post guidelines for your blog. It should clearly mention that you allow guest posts. It should also mention the kind of blog post ideas you’re looking for and what you’ll provide in return – for example, backlinks and guest post promotion using tweet, fb post and guest post inclusion in your email newsletter.

Your guest post guidelines should also mention how a guest blogger can start guest posting for your blog – where to sign up or whom to email, what should be the email subject and format. In case you get a lot of guest posting requests, you can also mention how much time it takes for an article to be published.

Generally, guest bloggers create a list of blogging sites before they pitch a guest post to your blog. And “guest post guidelines”, “submit guest post”, “write for us”,”guest bloggers wanted” are all various keywords they search for. So optimizing this page will help your blog to get discovered better on google.

Here’s kissmetrics’ guest post guidelines

3. Provide link-building incentive to bloggers

Many bloggers write guest posts to build backlinks and get referral traffic. So make it clear in your guest post guidelines that you’ll provide at least 1 link to your website, either in the article or in an author bio at the end of the article.

4. Set high quality standards

Remember that people love to read and share only high-quality posts. Similarly, experienced guest bloggers love to write for only high-quality blogs that consistently publishes quality articles. You can even publish your content as Facebook Instant Articles to increase reach and engagement.


If your blog produces low quality content, it will drive away both readers as well as guest bloggers. So be clear about what is an acceptable guest post, and don’t be afraid to reject low-quality articles, even if your blog grows very slowly in the beginning.

Top Blogs such as TechCrunch, KissMetrics and Moz are well-known because they produce high quality articles.

5. Provide incentive to promote your blog

Basically you need to provide them incentives to promote your blog, such as 2 tweets per week, 1 Facebook post per day for 1 week, and inclusion in 2 email newsletters to your subscribers.


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You can also use exit intent popups on your blog to get more newsletter subscribers.


Got any tips to find guest bloggers for your blog or request a guest post? Share your experience with us.