How To Create Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are automatically generated by Google Adwords and allow you to showcase your products & services. Here’s how to create dynamic search Ads for your business.


What are Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are similar to text search Ads but they are automatically generated by Google Adwords. Also, instead of rendering your Google Ad for specific keywords, Google uses your actual website or product feed.  It matches users’ queries to products on your site or feed, and shows a dynamically generated Ad. Google automatically creates dynamic Ad headlines and copy, as well as does automated bidding for your Ad.

Dynamic search Ads are very useful for Ecommerce websites and online stores that have a catalog of products & services.

Here’s an example of a dynamic search Ad.

dynamic search ads example


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How To Create Dynamic Search Ads

Here are the steps to create dynamic search Ads.


1. Sign into Google Adwords.


2. Click Campaign Tab.


3. Click the +Campaign drop-down menu and select Search Network Only


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4. You will see the Campaign Settings page. Select Dynamic Search Ads. Enter campaign name. If you need additional features such as Ad Scheduling, select ‘All Features’ campaign type.


5. Enter your domain. Also enter the language for the web pages for which you want to generate dynamic search ads.


6. Select your targeting preference. You can target ads based on Google’s index of your website, or based on a spreadsheet that you upload into Adwords.


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7. Expand Location options (advanced) to select the geographical areas you want to target.


8. Choose your bid strategy. Select Automated Bid Strategy if you want Google to automatically bid for you.


9. Enter your default bid amount and budget. Click Save and Continue.



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