How to Build Email List from Scratch

Here are 10 ways to Build Email List from Scratch. Grow your Email database for free with these Email List Building Strategies


Email List Building : How to Build Email List for Marketing Emails & Newsletters

1. Create useful content

Create educational content that can help your readers become better at what they do, or solves a problem for them. They’ll love you for it! You’ll not only get more email subscribers but they’ll also forward your emails to their friends, family and colleagues at work. Great content not only helps you grow email list but also increase email open rates for your business.


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2. Make it easier to share your emails

Include social media buttons and ‘Email to a Friend’ button at the end of your marketing emails and newsletters so that readers can easily share your emails, if they like it. Also, include a simple Subscribe button at the end of your email so the recipients of your forwarded email can also join your mailing list.

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3. Provide Free Giveaway

You can promote an online contest or a free giveaway and have entrants sign up for it using their email addresses.

4. Create Gated Content

Create gated content such as whitepapers, case studies and webinars that requires people to provide their email addresses for access. It’s one of the most widely used techniques to build an email marketing list.

5. Add links to your Email Signatures

Add links to your employees’ Email Signatures that takes people to a landing page where they can sign up for your mailing list. You can even add links to some of your gated blog posts in your Email Signatures.

6. Grow Email Subscribers with a free tool

Create a free tool that requires users to sign up with their email addresses. One of the popular examples is HubSpot that provides a free tool called Market Grader that grades user websites based on various marketing parameters.

7. Get Email Address of your Twitter Followers

You can create a Twitter campaign to promote one of your free ebooks or other resources to your followers and require them to provide email to redeem the offer. After they redeem the offer you can send them to a thank you page with social sharing buttons. This will encourage them to share the offer with their followers, or inform them about it.

8. Get Email Subscribers from Facebook Page

Similarly, you can promote the offers on Facebook Page. You can even add a call-to-action button on top of your business page like HubSpot does it. It links to a landing page which requires an email.

email list building strategies

You can also promote gated content & offers on other Social media platforms such as Linkedin, Pinterest & YouTube. Social Media is an amazing way to increase email list subscribers and get more email sign ups due to its inherent network effects and viral nature.

9. Use Email List Building Popups

Use lead generation software such as OptinMonster, LeadPages, SumoMe, or Thrive Leads to capture email addresses that display a well-targeted popup to not only stop visitors from leaving your site but also subscribe to your content. These tools also allow you to show email capture form as a floating bar, scroll form, sidebar forms and even in-line forms. You can use a combination of these to get email newsletter subscribers from various points of your website.

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10. Viral marketing campaigns

You can create a viral marketing campaign that encourages existing product users & email subscribers to get more email addresses for you, something like “10% discount if you get 5 more users to sign up” or “3 months free usage if you get 3 users to subscribe”.


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It’s not enough to only build an email list. To get the most of your email marketing campaign, you need to send email at the best time of the day . Once you build your email list, you can send email blast to inform them about interesting & useful things. To do that, you can check out some of the best email blast software that we’ve researched and choose the right one for your business.

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Do you have any tips to build email list which have worked for you ?


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