How to Build a Great Marketing Team for Your Business

Behind every great business, there is a dedicated team whose blood, sweat, and tears made its success possible. There is no replacement for human talent and it is for this reason, every business owner needs to know how to build marketing team, in which each member works perfectly in resonance with the other. However, there is no specific template on which you can model your marketing team.

Each business has different needs and requirements that need to be catered to, and it is the responsibility of the business owner to recognize those needs. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before you venture out to find the right fit in your teams:


Hire Better, Manage Less

First and foremost, right from the application process to the final interview, you need to curate the hiring process that tests the limit of the candidate. This process will not only help you find the perfect candidate for each position, but it will also help the business owner as there would be no need to micro-manage your team. The business owner can then, focus on the big picture, if she/he knows how to build marketing team.


Find the Leader

The entire project is dependent on how the leader of your team manages its members – right from how each task is defined, delegated, to how it is executed. The right team leader should have these qualities:
– She/he should keep clear and open communication channels
– Transparency on the workload division
– She/he should be able to get down to the nitty-gritties of the project and should not be
afraid to get their hands dirty in the process

Use LinkedIn connections to vet potential candidates. Look for leadership skills & culture fit.


Nothing less than the Best Content Curator

Unless the products or services of your business aren’t clearly articulated and explained to your target audience, your chances of success diminish exponentially. You express your business goals and ideals through language.

A lucid language is required to showcase your business to the world and that’s what your content writer should excel in. Your ideal candidate should be able to communicate technical terms in a simple language, and be able to navigate through various verticals like social media, online and offline advertising, PR, and blog writing seamlessly.

Post a job at sites like MediaBistro and Ed2010 to hire good content editors.


The Web Wizard

The work of your web designer or developer is akin to the oeuvre of a famous poet or painter. The web is a tumultuous place where user behavior change regularly. Your ideal candidate should be up to date with the latest design trends in the technology and its impact on user behavior.

He/she should understand your target audience, and also be open to feedback & criticism. The perfect web wizard should know which ones to listen to and which ones to tune out.

Tap into AngelList and Stackoverflow Jobs to hire a great web developer.


Marketing Analytics and Operational Leader

If you are seriously thinking of how to build marketing team, you cannot overlook this position. This person will equip the team with the necessary data-driven knowledge required to drive each marketing campaign and optimize its performance iteratively. This person should also be able to identify the project requirements and develop data-based solutions for the same.

Look for candidates with a background in data analysis with great Excel skills. He should also be familiar with Google Analytics.


When you think about how to build marketing team, you must remember that each member of your team should have a role that is clearly articulated and specified, so that there are no overlaps. You, as a business owner, must realize that a huge and diverse pool of talent is core to the development and the success of your marketing strategy. So, once you’ve built your team, you should also provide it a definitive career growth and work environment that caters productivity and creativity.