How to Boost Post on Facebook?

Did you know that you can Boost Posts on Facebook? Facebook provides tons of ways for Businesses to reach their audience and build their brand online. However, in order to maintain a healthy mix of personal and commercial posts on users’ News Feed, Facebook tends to limit the reach of organic Facebook Posts from Business Pages. To increase your social media audience, Facebook allows business owners to do Facebook post promotion. Facebook’s Boost Post option is a great way to promote a post on Facebook, from your Business Page.


What is a Boosted Post on Facebook?

A Boosted Post is a post from your Facebook Business Page that you can pay Facebook to display higher up on your target audience’s new feeds. The fee depends on how many users you want to target with your post.

Boosted Posts are different from Sponsored Posts. When you Boost Post, it appears as a normal post in users’ news feed whereas Sponsored Posts appear just as Ads, with a label “Sponsored Post” on top of your post. For sponsored posts, you need to create Facebook Ad Campaign.

Here’s an example of a Boosted Post on Facebook

Example of Boost Post on Facebook

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Why Should You Boost Posts on Facebook?

Organic Reach of Facebook posts is limited and unpredictable. No matter how many fans and likes your Business Page has, it’s possible that your posts are lost among other news feed items such as selfies and birthday wishes.

Boosted Posts ensure that your Facebook Posts will be not only visible to most of your target audience but also be displayed higher up on their feed. Typically, your posts are pushed down users’ News Feed as they get more updates. Boosted Posts continue to remain higher up on their News Feed for the duration of your campaign.

Also, Boosted Posts are more likely to be visible to people who have liked or follow your Facebook Business Page. When someone likes or comments on your Boosted Posts, it will appear on their Friends’ page too, even if they do not follow your Business Page. This increases the reach of your Facebook posts and provides visibility to new audiences. Ultimately, it improves the ROI of your social media marketing strategy.


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How Do I Boost a Post on Facebook?

To boost your post on Facebook, go to your Facebook Business Page. Each post that you’ve posted after June 21, 2012, will have a “Boost Post” button at the bottom right corner of it. Click the Boost Post button for the post that you want to boost.

Example of Facebook Boost Post Button

Next, you need to select the target audience you want your boosted post to reach. Facebook provides 2 way of choosing target audience for your boosted post:

  1. Target People who like your Page, and their friends
  2. Choose target audience based on targeting options such as location, gender, age, interests, and more.

Facebook Boost Post - Options to select target Audience

After choosing your target audience, click Save.

Facebook Boost Posts -Choose Target Audience


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Are you wondering “How does Facebook Boost Post Cost?” ? This is the part you need to set the budget you want to allocate to boost your post. Facebook provides an estimated budget depending on the number of people you want your boosted post to reach and the amount of time you want your post to remain boosted. Set the maximum budget according to your requirement and click Boost to boost your post.

Facebook Boost Post - Set Maximum Budget and Post Reach

To optimize Facebook Boost Post Cost, I suggest you start small with less than $5, test things out on a couple of campaigns, measure and optimize your post as well as targeting, before going big.

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Which Facebook Posts should you Boost?

Since you need to spend money to boost posts on Facebook, it’s advisable to only boost posts with the highest ROI. Generally, businesses boost posts that are time-sensitive (e.g about events) or contain evergreen content such as growth tips, or posts designed to drive visits and leads such as whitepapers and ebooks. Here are some of the Facebook posts that I generally boost:

  1. Product or service related posts : These are posts that promote your product or service offered by your business.
  2. Drive visits or leads: Posts that drive visits to your website (e.g posts that offer growth tips), or qualified leads that sign up for your product or service (e.g list of 10 tools, one of which is yours)
  3. Time-Sensitive campaigns: Posts that spread awareness about a time-sensitive event (e.g conference or convention) held by your business


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If you’re looking to only get more likes or shares with a post, it’s better to avoid boosting it on Facebook, because it will give you a low ROI.

Also, ensure that the post your boost, complies with the Facebook Boost Post Rules & Ad Guidelines. It provides the recommended size & dimensions of your Facebook Post, similar to Facebook Ad Specs & Image Sizes. Once you boost post, it is reviewed by Facebook before appearing on people’s News Feed. You don’t want your boosted posts to be rejected just because your post image is too small.


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Boosted Posts are an amazing way to increase the reach of your Facebook Posts from your Business Page, improve brand awareness and even promote your products & services. The best part is that you can boost a post on Facebook with just $5 or even less.  You’ll find that Boosting Posts on Facebook is worth it, if you target the right audience, measure and optimize your campaigns. The trick is to boost posts that provides maximum ROI and target the right audience to achieve your desired goal -whether it is driving more visits, or generating quality leads, or simply improving business awareness.

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Have you Boosted Posts on Facebook? Was it helpful? Please share your experience us comments.