How to Add App Extensions in Google Ads

App extensions allow you to display app download links in your Google Adwords Ads. Here’s how to Add App Extensions in Google Ads.


What are App Extensions?

App Extensions allow you to display App download links in your Google Ads. When mobile users see your Ads, they will also see a download link alongside. This will not be visible in your desktop Ads. The link will point to AppStore link, if your Ad on iOS devices. Similarly, the App extension will point to PlayStore link, if people view your Ad on Android devices. If your Apps are on both platforms, you may need to add separate extensions for each platform. Here’s an example of App extension in Google Ad.

google ad app extension


When to Use Mobile App Extensions?

You can add App Extensions in Google Ads if your Ad goal is to drive downloads or if your business is mainly based out of mobile apps (E.g Tinder, TikTok, PubG, Mobile games).



How to Add App Extensions in Google Ads

Here are the steps to add App Extensions in Google Ads. Please note, since Google frequently changes the user interface of Google Adwords, some of the following steps might be different for you. Nevertheless, the overall approach remains the same.


1. Go to Ad Extensions tab in your Google Adwords account.


2. Select App Extensions in View Menu.

add app extension 1


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3. Choose if you want to add the extension at Account, Campaign or Ad Group Level.

add app extension

4. Select if you want to create a new Ad or use an existing one

add app extension 3


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4. Choose the platform for your App – iOS or Android. You can also look up your App in PlayStore for Android Apps.

add app extension 4



5. Change the default Link Text to have a call-to-action such as “Download Now”, “Free”, “Click to Download”, “Install”, etc that will drive downloads.

add app extension 5

You can see the preview of your Link Text on the right page.

add app extension 6


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6. If you want the App extension to be displayed between specific dates, expand Advanced Options and enter start & end dates & time when you want the App extension to be shown. This is useful for a time-bound promotion.

add app extension advanced options


7. If you want to track the downloads using tracking URL parameters, click App URL Options and add custom parameters.

add app extension tracking url


10. Click Save to create your App extension.


Hopefully, now you can easily add App extensions to Google Adwords Ads.


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