How Does Google Remarketing Work

Google Remarketing allows you to target past website visitors that did not convert into paying customers, while they browse other websites in Google Display Network. Here’s how Google Remarketing works and why Remarketing is effective.


How Does Google Remarketing Work

Google remarketing enables advertisers to show their display ads to past website visitors when they visit other websites in Google Display Network or partner sites. They will be able to see your ads when they browse websites, watch YouTube videos or read new sites.

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Remarketing is also known as Retargeting and works by repeatedly targeting people who are familiar with your brand. It has better conversion rate and ROI since your target already knows your business, and is aware of your products & services.

For Google Remarketing, you need to create an account on Adwords. Next, you need to add a small piece of code called Remarketing tag or pixel on your website.

This code will add your website visitors to your remarketing audience lists using browser cookies. In Google Adwords, you can create various Remarketing lists, based on specific conditions. For example, you can create a remarketing list for people who have visited website’s home page, and a separate list for people who visited your payments page but did not complete a purchase.

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Why is Remarketing Effective?

Are you wondering “How effective is Remarketing”. Remarketing is effective because it:

  • Has higher click-through rates and conversion rates than display ads
  • Allows you to target past website visitors again & again
  • Increases brand awareness through repeated impressions
  • Has better conversion rate since your target audience is already familiar with your brand
  • Has better ROI
  • Improves brand loyalty
  • Google Display Network offers excellent reach
  • Remarketing clicks have lower CPC rate and are more affordable

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How to Use Google Remarketing?

Here are the steps to create Google Remarketing campaign for your business.


1. Log into Google Adwords.


2. Click Campaigns from page menu


3. Click the big blue + button to create new Ad campaign


4. You will see the Goals section. Choose the goal for your Ad campaign


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5. Next, Select Display Network for Campaign Type


6. You will see a form for campaign parameters. Enter campaign name, location, language, bid strategy and budget.


7. Click Additional Settings for additional options such as Ad scheduling, Device preference, and Content Exclusions.


8. Go to the Audiences sub-section in People section. Click Remarketing.


9. You will see all your remarketing audience lists. Click the checkbox next to audiences you want to add. They will be targeted in your Ad campaigns.


10. Click Save to create your ad campaign.



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