Google Remarketing vs Facebook Retargeting

Google Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting are two most popular and similar marketing channels for PPC advertisers. Here’s a detailed comparison of Google Remarketing vs Facebook Retargeting to help you choose the appropriate marketing channel for your business.


Google Remarketing vs Facebook Retargeting

Here’s an in-depth comparison of Google Remarketing vs Facebook Retargeting


What is Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing allows you to target past website visitors who did not convert, when they visit other websites in Google Display Network, by showing your display Ads on those websites. It also allows you to display ads to website visitors when they watch a YouTube video.

To use Google Remarketing, advertisers need to place a piece of code on their website. When visitors visit web pages with this code on it, they will be tagged with a browser cookie and included in a remarketing audience list created as per your specification.

This allows advertiser to display ads to these visitors on other websites they visit.

Similarly, you can also target users who have interacted with your App in the past.


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Benefits of Google Remarketing

Here are the key benefits of Google Remarketing:

1. Lower Costs

Often Google Remarketing costs less than Facebook Retargeting with higher click-through rates as these users have already been on your website and will be more familiar with your products & services.


2. Increase Brand Awareness

Google Display Network allows you to increase brand awareness via image ads, gifs and even video ads. As a best practice, image ads can consist of an image, short copy and call to action, to drive more clicks.


3. Better Control

Google allows advertisers to decide where to display remarketing Ads on Google Display Partner websites, along with robust reporting and analytics about each ad placement’s performance. This allows advertisers to determine on what websites their ads should be displayed and at what locations. You can easily specify your display Ad size and location for other websites.


4. Easy to Use

It is easy to install remarketing tag on your website without any HTML knowledge. You can also set it up via Google Tag Manager with just a few clicks. Then you can easily start building your audience lists based on various conditions as per your requirement.


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What is Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting is similar to Google Remarketing. You need to place a piece of code called remarketing pixel on your website. This pixel sends information back to Facebook. When your past website visitors browse other websites in Facebook Display Network, and are signed into Facebook, they can be retargeted using Facebook Retargeting Ads.


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Benefits of Facebook Retargeting

Here are the key benefits of Facebook Retargeting:


1. Mailing List Integration

Facebook allows you to build an Ad marketing list from email lists. You can easily create custom audience by importing mailing list. Facebook will lookup these email addresses to find out related user Facebook profiles. You can market to these profiles that are on your list.


2. Create LookAlike Audiences

Facebook allows you to discover Facebook users who have similar behavior, demographic, profile, characteristics and attributes as those people who have converted on your website. It allows you to quickly create a more targeted audience that is similar to your existing audience.


3. Increased Conversions

Facebook Remarketing can give more conversions by targeting your past website visitors again on Facebook. It is very useful for competitive industries where people evaluate various options before making a decision. Facebook also allows you to exclude people who have already made a purchase on your website, by visiting its “checkout confirmation page”.


4. Better Targeting

Facebook has a detailed database of user demographics, interests and behavior it can easily target users based on a large number of really specific conditions, that are not available in Google Adwords.


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Hopefully, the above comparison of Google Remarketing vs Facebook Retargeting will help you decide the right advertising platform for your business.


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