How Google Adwords Preview Tool can Improve your Google Ads

Google Adwords Preview Tool (link) is a great display ad preview tool to see if your Google Ads are being displayed for the right keywords, and how they look on different devices. This enables you to understand if your Google Ads are targeting the right customers and helps you improve Google Adwords Quality score. Let’s look at how Google Adwords Preview Tool helps improve your Google PPC Ad Campaign.


How Google Adwords Preview Tool works

You can use Google Adwords Preview Tool to find out if your Google Ads are being displayed for specific keyword phrases & search terms, as well as your target geographical locations. With Adwords Ad Preview Generator, you can even see how your Ads look on different devices such as tablets & mobiles.

The best part about Google Adwords Preview Tool is that it shows your Google Ads Preview without increasing their Ad impressions. Otherwise if you or your clients are searching for your Google Ads without clicking them, it can increase your impressions and lower your click-through rates (CTR). Lower click-through rates can lower your Google Ad Quality Score, lower ad positioning and also increase cost-per-clicks (CPC) of your Google Ads.

Also, if you search your Ads frequently without clicking them, Google’s personalized search may also prevent your ads from being displayed, thinking that those ads are not relevant to you.

Google Adwords Preview Tool displays Google Ad previews without affecting its Ad impressions and your Google personalized search.


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How to Use Google Adwords Preview Tool

Google Search Preview Tool allows you to:

  1. Determine if your Google Ad shows up in search results for target keywords and search phrases
  2. Find out in which geographical locations your Ads are being displayed
  3. Find out the keywords for which your Ads are being shown (and their match type – exact, inexact, etc)
  4. Understand why your ad isn’t showing
  5. Find out the actual position of your Google Ad
  6. See how your Ad looks on different devices

adwords preview tool form

You can use the Adwords Preview Tool without signing in. However, if you want to see diagnostics information about your Google Ads, you need to log into your Google Adwords Account.

After you log in to Google Adwords, you’ll find the Ad preview and diagnosis tool under the Tools tab. You’ll see a form that asks you to fill in the Preview criteria like location, device, etc. Once you’ve filled in the required details, click Preview and you’ll be able to see your Ad Preview information such as Ad status and how your Ad looks in search results.

Here’s an example of how to use Google Adwords Preview Tool.

adwords preview tool example


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How Adwords Preview Tool can help if your Ads aren’t showing

Sometimes, it may happen that your Google Adwords aren’t being displayed. Adwords Preview Tool can help you find out the factors that cause your Ads to not show up, and provide insights into how to fix those issues.

ad preview and diagnosis

Here are some additional areas that you can look into, in case your Google Ads aren’t showing, under the settings tab of your Google Adwords Campaign:

  1. Ad Scheduling – Are your ads not scheduled today, when you’re checking? For example, you may have scheduled your ad for the weekends, and you may using the Adwords Preview Tool on a weekday
  2. Budget – Has your Ad Campaign’s budget been exhausted?
  3. Negative keywords – Are there any keywords in your Negative Keyword List that are preventing your Ads from being displayed?
  4. Geographical Location – Are your ads supposed to actually target the people in the location that you’re testing for? For example, your Google Ad Campaign may be designed to target US customers, whereas you may be testing Google Adwords Preview Tool for UK audience.
  5. Is your Ad paused or deactivated?
  6. Is your Ad Image as per Google Ad Sizes & Specifications.

ad diagnosis


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Google Adwords Preview Tool helps you understand if your Google Ads are properly displayed in the first place, if your Ads appear for the right keywords and how your Google Ads appear on various devices such as tablets & mobile, without actually affecting your Google Ad spend. It provides valuable feedback that enables you to improve your Google Adwords Quality Score and drive more traffic to your website. It also helps you diagnose as to why your Google Ads are not displayed, and what you can do to fix the issues.

Otherwise, you would be wasting money doing click-less searches and increasing your Ad impressions. So it’s important to inform your team mates as well as clients to use Google Adwords Preview Tool to understand how your Ads are performing.


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Have you used Google Adwords Preview Tool? Do you have any tips about it?


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