Facebook Relevance Score: The Complete Guide

Are you tracking the Facebook Relevance Score for your Facebook Ads? Do you know how to improve it? Facebook Advertising enables you to create attractive and engaging Ads for your target audience and entice them to buy your product or service. To help businesses improve their click-through rates and lower their Facebook Advertising costs, Facebook has released a new metric called Facebook Relevance Score (also called Ad Relevance Score). Here’s the complete guide to Facebook Relevance Score.


What is Facebook Relevance Score?

Facebook Relevance Score is a score (from 1 to 10) assigned by Facebook Advertising Platform that tells you how relevant your Facebook Ads are to your target audience. It’s important to note that Relevance Score has nothing to do with Ad quality. The objective of Facebook Relevance Score is to help you understand if your target audience finds your ads to be relevant, and is engaging with them. You can have the best looking ad with super catchy ad copy, and still end up with low relevance scores. On the other hand, Facebook Ads with reasonably decent design and really relevant ad copy tailored for its audience, will have a high relevance score. Here’s an example from Facebook

Facebook Relevance Score Example


Why is Facebook Ad Relevance Score important?

You must be wondering “Why does Facebook Relevance Score matter?”. It’s much more than a score. Facebook Relevance Score algorithm considers many key Facebook Advertising metrics such as Engagement, Clicks, Click-Through Rate, Conversions, and even Negative Reviews, to calculate your Ad Relevance Score. It’s a single powerful number that tells you if your Ad will work or not.

In fact, Facebook Relevance Score also impacts your Facebook Advertising Cost. When your Facebook Ad competes with other Ads, Facebook Advertising Platform will choose to show the Ad with highest Relevance Score. If your Facebook Advert is not relevant, your Advertising Cost will go up quickly. Here’s an example of how Adespresso was able to generate 4 times the clicks for the same ad budget, by increasing their relevance score.

The first Ad has a relevance score of 2.9 and costs $0.142 per click.

low relevance facebook ad

The same ad targeted at a more relevant audience (custom audience of past website visitors) has a Facebook Relevance score of 8.0 and costs just $0.03 per click.

high relevance facebook ad

With the same ad copy and budget, they were able to drive 1,103 clicks instead of 278.


How to Measure Facebook Relevance Score?

Are you thinking, “Where to Find Relevance Score on Facebook?” Measuring Relevance Score is really easy. Go to Facebook Ads Manager¬†and select your Ad campaign.

Next, select the Ad set for which you want to measure relevance score. You’ll see a list of Facebook Ads with a Facebook Relevance Score next to each Ad, under the Relevance Score column.

You can click on the Ad and then Relevance Score tab to see more details, such as average relevance score, relevance score over time, and even the volume of positive & negative feedbacks.

facebook ads manager relevance score



How to improve Facebook Ad Relevance Score?

To improve your Facebook Relevance Score, you need to basically create Ads that are more relevant to your target audience, or optimize your Facebook Ad targeting to reach the right audience for your Ads.


1. Run A/B tests on Ad Images

Images are one of the most important aspects of Facebook Ads. They occupy most screen space in your Facebook Ad as well as users’ news feeds. Images are the first thing people notice about your Ad and play an important role in driving clicks to your website and improving your conversion rate. So it’s essential to split test Ad images to find out what images resonate well with your target audience, get more clicks and improve conversion rate. Here are some tips you can use for split testing Ad images:

  1. Using human faces for emotional connect
  2. Use brand mascots
  3. Using your logo to improve trust and credibility
  4. Use text overlays in images, if you have a compelling point or tag line
  5. Use funny/quirky images to show a light-hearted side of your business

Here’s an example of copromote varies its Ad images.

copromote facebook ad 2

copromote facebook ad1


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2. Target Specific Audience

Try to be as specific as possible when defining a target audience for your Facebook Ads. Most businesses make the mistake of going too wide, in the hope of targeting more people. The trick is to start small. Specifically define your target audience in terms of age, gender, location, interests, demographics, etc. If your relevance score increases as a result of your improved Ad targeting, you can optimize your Facebook Ad Campaign to drive more clicks & conversion. You can also use the target list with higher relevance score as a different audience segment, and create dedicated Facebook Ad campaigns with personalized ad copy & images.

You can even use advanced targeting options such as Custom Audiences and LookAlike Audiences to define a more relevant target audience for your Facebook Ads, and improve your Relevance Score. They enable you to create Ad audience using email addresses, phone numbers and even Facebook IDs.

facebook ad create audience


If you use an email marketing software like MailChimp, you can directly import your contact list into Facebook Ad Manager to create Ad audiences. LookAlike Audiences allow you to target Facebook users who have similar background or behavior to your existing customers.


You can also read How to Create Custom Audiences and How to Create LookAlike Audiences.


3. Optimize Call-To-Action

Facebook provides tons of different call-to-action buttons to include in your Facebook Ads. So ensure, you’re using the right call-to-action for your Facebook Ads, to prompt user to take action when they look at your Ad. When users clearly understand what your Ad is about, and what they’re supposed to do next, it is bound to increase your Relevance Score.

Here’s an example. If you’re a freelancer, why wouldn’t you want more clients?

facebook ad call to action example


Try out various call-to-actions in your Ads. Monitor the relevance score due to each call-to-action for a few weeks, and change it if your relevance score doesn’t improve.


You can also look at our list of Best Facebook Ads to get new ideas for your Facebook Ad Campaigns.


4. Create Videos Ads

Video is becoming the new mode of content consumption on Facebook. In fact, they occupy a large screen space on news feed, even bigger than that for images. So it makes sense to create Facebook video ads for your business. In fact, video ads allow you to tell more detailed and engaging stories about your brand, products and even customers. Interesting and useful videos are sure to improve your Relevance Score.

You can directly create video ads on Facebook, and display them to people who might find it interesting, using the new video views feaure. You can even split test video ad content to understand how your audience engages with your video ad, and refine your content accordingly.

facebook video ad example


You can also read our Complete Guide to Facebook Video Ads.



Facebook Ad Relevance Score is a really useful metric provided by Facebook Advertising Platform that enables you to easily understand if your Facebook Ads are relevant to your target audience of not. It not only helps you create more relevant ads, but also enables you to optimize Facebook Ad targeting, as well as lower your Facebook Advertising costs. Facebook Ads with high relevant score will surely drive more clicks and have better conversion rates. So use this metric to your advantage!


Do you have any tips to improve Facebook Relevance Score?


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