Facebook Carousel Ads : The Complete Guide

Facebook Carousel Ads are an entertaining and engaging way to promote your products & services on Facebook. According to Kinetic Social, Facebook Carousel Ads drive 10 times more traffic than regular ads. What makes them so amazing? Let’s look at carousel ads in detail


What are Facebook Carousel Ads?

Facebook Carousel Ads is an Ad Format that allows you to show a carousel of 3-5 images, a headline and call to action in a single Ad unit. Users can swipe/scroll through the images to enjoy the Facebook Carousel ad. You can link each image in a carousel ad to an external website.

Here’s an example of carouse ad on Desktop

facebook carousel ad on desktop

and on mobile

facebook carousel ad on mobile

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How to Create Facebook Carousel Ads?

It’s very easy to create carousel Ads. You can create it from either your Facebook Business Page or using Facebook Ad Manager. Let’s look at both these methods real quick


How to Create Carousel Ad from Facebook Business Page

To create a carousel ad from your Facebook Page, click the Promote button on the left column of your Business Page and click Get More Website Visitors (previously Promote Your Website).

create ad from page


This will open up the Ads Window. Under Text and Images, click the ‘+’ button to add multiple cards to your carousel. Each carousel ad consists of multiple cards that users swipe/scroll through. Each carousel card consists of an Image and text. You can also use a carousel video instead of an image.

create carousel ad from facebook page


Once you’ve added the required number of carousel cards, you can upload an image and add a headline for each card. Once you’ve configured what your carousel ad looks like, define the target audience, budget for your Ad, and the duration to run your Ad campaign, just as you would when you create a Facebook Ad Campaign. Finally, click Promote to make it go live.


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How to Create Carousel Ad from Facebook Ad Manager

To create a carousel Ad from Facebook Ad Manager, click Create Advert and then choose Traffic, Conversions or App Installs  as your Ad objective.

Step 1: Click Create Advert

facebook ad manager create ad


Step 2: Choose Ad Objective

facebook ad manager choose objective


Step 3: Select Audience and budget

facebook ad manager audience budget

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Step 4: Select Advert Creative
This is where you create your carousel ad. When you reach the Advert Format section, choose Carousel Ad to create your carousel ad.

facebook ad manager choose carousel ad


Just like you create carousel Ad from your page, you need to add the required number of cards to your ad by clicking ‘+’ button and a destination URL. For each card, upload image, add text and a link to external website (optional)

facebook ad manager configure carousel ad


After you’re done creating your carousel Ad, click Place Order button to make it go live. Here’s the detailed step-by-step guide to create a Facebook Ad Campaign.


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Best Practices for Facebook Carousel Ads

1. The first image of your carousel ad is what users see in their news feed, before they decide to click/scroll/swipe it. So ensure that your first image is attractive and engaging. Facebook also has an option to automatically show the best performing images & links first. You can use it if you’re not sure which image to show first.

2. Add product names, benefits, pricing info or discount percent in the headline space below each image

3. Comply with Facebook Ad Specs & Image Sizes as given below.


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What are the Ad Specifications for Facebook Carousel Ads?

Facebook Advertising Platform provides Ad Specs & Image Sizes for each type of Facebook Ad. For best results, it’s best to adhere to their recommendations. Else you may end up with blurry or cropped images, or truncated texts in your carousel ad

  • Recommended image size: 600 x 600 pixels
  • Image ratio: 1:1
  • Text: 90 characters
  • Headline: 40 characters
  • Link description: 20 characters
  • Your image may not include more than 20% text

If your Facebook Ad complies with their Ad specifications and dimensions, it improves the quality of your Facebook Ads and tends to reduce Facebook Advertising Costs.


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Examples of Best Facebook Carousel Ads

Why should you use Facebook Carousel Ads? Carousel Ads provide an extremely versatile way to promote products, build brand awareness and tell engaging stories. Here are 5 examples of best Facebook carousel ads to promote your business. Each example shows a different way you can use Facebook Carousel Ads. You can use these Facebook Carousel Ad Templates for your own marketing campaigns.


5 Ways you can use Facebook Carousel Ads

1. Highlight a Single Product

You can use a carousel ad to highlight a product – each image or video in your carousel can be used to highlight one aspect of your product, with the headline adding more context. Here’s an example of how Tieks uses carousel Ad to highlight one of their products.

carousel ad product highlight


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2. Illustrate how to use a product

You can also use carousel ads to show how to use your product. Each image of your carousel ad can show a step to use your product. Here’s an example of carousel ad by Tyme Hair which illustrates how to use their curling irons.

carousel ad how to use product


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3. Tell an engaging story

Telling stories is an amazing way to build brand awareness and grow your audience. You can use carousel ads to tell engaging stories about your brand. Here’s an example of carousel ad by Project Repat, who makes quilts from old t-shirts, that tells a story of how your memories can be stitched together to make a quilt.

carousel ad tell story


4. Give product tours

Carousel Ads can also be used to give product tours to users. Here’s an example of a carousel ad by Deezer, a Music App, that gives people an idea of what to expect from the app even before they download it. Each card of the Ad shows a feature provided by the App, giving people a kind of in-app experience.

carousel ad product tour


5. Share blog posts & articles

Carousel Ads are also great to share or promote blog posts and articles . You can create a carousel ad about one topic or category and share 4-5 articles on it in your ad. Here’s an example of a Facebook carousel post by Precision Nutrition that shares articles about healthy eating for athletes.

facebook carousel post


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Hopefully this article will allow you to create engaging Facebook Carousel Ads for your business. It’s important to note that Facebook frequently updates its Advertising Platform so the steps to create Carousel Ads may differ over time. We’ll update this post based on latest news from Facebook. If you find anything that’s outdated, please let us know and we’ll update this post immediately.

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What do you think of Facebook Carousel Ads? Have you tried them for your business? Did you find them effective? I’d love to hear about your experience with Facebook Carousel Ads.