How to Create Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

LookAlike Audiences is one of the coolest ad targeting tools released by Facebook Advertising Platform, that allows you to quickly define your Ad target audience, simply based on what’s worked for you before.

Facebook Advertising Platform provides tons of amazing targeting options to precisely reach your target audience through Facebook Ads. In fact, did you that once you’ve defined a custom target audience for your Facebook Advert, you can ask Facebook to also target Facebook users with similar background, interests & behavior? Pretty cool, right? It’s called LookAlike Audiences in Facebook Advertising Platform. For example, a lookalike audience enables you to target more Facebook users that have similar background (age, location, gender, interests and more) to your website visitors, people who like/follow your page as well as your customers.


What are LookAlike Audiences?

A Facebook Lookalike Audience is a type of custom audience that allows you to target Facebook users that are similar to one of your existing custom audiences, that you have created on Facebook Advertising Platform.


How do LookAlike Audiences work?

You must be wondering, “How does Facebook create LookAlike Audiences?”

In order to understand how LookAlike Audiences in Facebook work, it’s important to understand Customer Audiences in Facebook Advertising platform.

Facebook provides tons of in-built targeting options such as location, age, gender, languages, interests and even behavior, to define the target audience for your Facebook Ads. However, when you use any of these Facebook targeting options to define your Ad target audience, you are simply creating a regular audience for your Ads, targeting all Facebook users who match your targeting criteria.

facebook audience building


On the other hand, custom audiences are created based on a list of customer emails, phone numbers or user IDs that you provide to Facebook advertising platform by uploading these details in a CSV/TXT file, or copy-pasting this information in Facebook, or importing customer list from third-party tools like MailChimp.

facebook custom audience


Once you’ve added your customer list, Facebook will use that information to look up those Facebook Users, and create a custom audience that you can target in your Facebook Ads.

Custom Audiences are great for Facebook re-marketing Ads whereby you can show Facebook ads about latest products, promotional offers and discounts to your website visitors and customers when they’re on Facebook.

For example, if you run an E-commerce business, you probably have a database of customer emails. You can upload it to Facebook Advertising Platform and Facebook would match users with those email addresses. You can then re-market to your customers when they’re on Facebook.

In fact, Facebook allows you to choose a custom audience and serve ads to those Facebook users who are similar to your custom audience, even if they are not on your list of customers, or website visitors. The people who are targeted this way form your LookAlike Audience. So a LookAlike Audience is basically the Facebook users that are similar to your custom audience.

When you create a LookAlike audience based on your custom audience, the Facebook LookAlike Algorithm looks for common traits in your custom source audience, such as background, interests or behavior, and finds Facebook users that have similar traits, in the country that you specify in your Facebook Ad Campaign.


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Why Should You Use LookAlike Audiences in Facebook?

Facebook LookAlike Audiences is a great way to increase the reach of your Facebook Ads and target a wider audience that is very similar to your existing customers, readers or even website visitors, even if you don’t have their contact details such as email, phone number or user ids. Since your lookalike audiences is similar to your custom audience, you can use what’s working for you to reach a wider audience, without starting from scratch.


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How to Create LookAlike Audiences on Facebook?

Here are the steps to create LookAlike Audiences on Facebook

  1. Open the Audiences Page in Facebook Ads Manager
    lookalike audience page
  2. Click Create A LookAlike Audience. You’ll see the following form.
    create lookalike audience
  3. Choose the source of your existing Audience to model your LookAlike Audience
  4. Select the country or regions for your LookAlike Audience
  5. Choose the desired Audience Size for your LookAlike Audience
  6. Click Create Audience


How to Use Facebook LookAlike Audiences to Boost Sales?

Here are 3 ways you can use Facebook LookAlike Audiences to grow your business


1. Grow Facebook Page Audience

You can easily grow your Facebook Audience by targeting your LookAlike Audience. For example, you can ask Facebook Advertising Platform to target Facebook users who have visited your website, or liked/shared your Facebook Posts, or even simply read your Facebook updates and articles. This enables you to target a wider audience of people who are very similar to your existing Facebook Audience, and might find your Business interesting. Once your Facebook Audience starts growing, you can nurture them with the right content and persuade them to visit your website, to move them along your sales funnel.

facebook lookalike audiences grow fans


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2. Increase your sales

If you run an E-commerce store or a SaaS business, you can use Facebook Ads to target LookAlike Audiences and drive them back to your website to make a purchase.

facebook lookalike audiences grow sales

In fact, you can create separate LookAlike Audiences for each customer segment and target them with highly relevant Facebook Ads that send visitors to the right pages of your website. For example, let’s say you have 2 customer audiences for your E-commerce website – for men and women. You can create separate LookAlike Audiences from each of these customer audiences. Now you can target each of these LookAlike Audiences by creating separate Facebook Ads, one that takes your LookAlike Audiences of men, to the men’s ware section of your site, and the other that takes LookAlike Audiences of women, to the women’s ware section of your website.


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3. Increase email subscribers, sign ups and leads

You can also target Facebook LookAlike Audiences to grow your email subscribers or even increase signups. Once you’ve uploaded your existing subscribers or users, you can create a LookAlike Audience and then send them to a landing page where they can subscribe to your newsletter, or sign up for your product.

facebook lookalike audiences grow leads

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LookAlike Audiences is an awesome feature by Facebook Advertising Platform, that enables you to target a wider audience that are quite similar to your existing customers, website visitors or even blog readers. However, the key is to first create a custom audience that really works for your Facebook Ads. In fact, Facebook allows you to specify if you want the size of your LookAlike Audiences to be smaller or larger. The larger your LookAlike Audience, the less similar it is to your existing custom audience, whereas smaller audiences closely match your source audience. So ensure that you’re targeting niche LookAlike Audiences to create more impact with your Facebook Ads. Hopefully, this article will help you understand how Facebook creates LookAlike Audiences, so that you can grow your audience and drive more revenue for your business.


What do you like about Facebook LookAlike Audiences?


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