How to Create Google Local Ad?

Google Ads allows you to create local search ads that are displayed to users in specific locations and influence customers to buy from nearby stores. Google Local Ads help you save ad budget and target local audience effectively. Here’s how to create Google Local Ad for your business. You can use them to create local campaign in Google Ads.


What are local search Ads?

Google Ads allows you to create local search ad campaigns that use a combination of device tracking and geofencing to target customers in specific locations and persuade them to purchase products of their interest, from nearby stores. Google also records those visits to enable advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their online campaigns at driving store traffic. Local search Ads are a great way for local businesses and store owners (e.g pizzeria) to attract people in nearby locations


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How to Create Google Local Ad?

Here are the steps to create Google local ad for your business.


1. Log into your Google Ads account.


2. Click Campaigns from menu on left


3. Click ‘+’ icon and then select ‘New Campaign’


4. You will see a New Campaign window. Select ‘Local store visits and promotions’ to create Google local Ad.


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5. In the next panel you can choose your store locations using Google My Business or Affiliate Locations, and click Continue

  • If you select Google My Business option, you can select one or more of your store locations
  • You can also select Location Group option to create or apply a location group, that is, a group of locations
  • If you choose Affiliate Locations, use select a chain option to select your country, and pick one or more store locations in that location chain.
  • Google will calculate geographic radius to target depending on the locations mentioned in your campaign.


6. Enter the name of your campaign in Campaign Name field.


7. Enter your ad’s text assets such as headlines, ad description


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8. Enter following information

  • Language – Target languages for your Ad
  • Bidding – Default strategy is to optimize your conversion rate, to help you get maximum footfalls for your daily budget
  • Daily Budget – Amount of money you are willing to spend to run the campaign. Consult an experienced PPC/SEM marketer for this purpose.
  • Additional Settings – Additional customization such as mobile URL or input tracking


9. Click Save and Continue at the bottom


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10. You have entered all required information to create Google local search ad for your business. On next page, you can review your campaign’s settings.


11. Click Ad Assets to review the images & text for your ad.


That’s it! Your Google local search Ad is ready. Hopefully, now you can easily set up local campaigns in Google ads.


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