How to Create Facebook Slideshow Ads

Facebook Advertising provides a variety of amazing Ad formats that enable you to create really interactive Facebook Ads to engage & entertain your target audience. Facebook slideshow ad is one such Facebook Ad format that allows you to easily turn photos into a slideshow video and display it as a Facebook ad to your target audience. Facebook Slideshow Ads are a great way to create a fully interactive video ad simply using photos, music and text. Let’s look at how to make Facebook Slideshow Ads for your business


How to Create Facebook Slideshow Ads


1. Choose a Marketing Objective

facebook slideshow ad choose marketing objective


The first step towards creating every Facebook Ad is to select a marketing objective for your Facebook Advertising Campaign. A marketing objective is basically the goal you want to accomplish with your Facebook Ad. So your Ad objective could be anything from boosting your posts, to promoting your page, to simply getting more video views. However, it’s important to note that not all marketing objectives support slideshow ads. Based on the objective you choose, Facebook will automatically tell you if you can create slideshow ads to accomplish it.


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2. Select Your Target Audience

facebook slideshow ad select target audience


Next you need to specify the target audience for your Facebook Slideshow Ad. Facebook provides tons of amazing targeting options that allow you to precisely define your target audience in many different ways. This enables you to display your Facebook Slideshow only to relevant users. You can define your target audience based on location, interests, age, gender, interests, demographics, language, and more. Within location, you can define your audience based on countries, states, city, region, province, zip and even within a few miles’ radius of an address. You can also specify where you want to place your slideshow ad – on desktop news feed, mobile news feed, right column, Instagram or some other location.


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3. Set Your Budget

facebook slideshow ad set budget and schedule


Once you’ve defined your Ad target audience, you need to also define the ad budget and schedule. You can specify daily ad budget, along with the start date and end date of your Facebook Ad campaign. You can also set the ad to run continuously, starting today. You need also provide a name for your Facebook Ad campaign, so you can easily manage multiple Ad campaigns at one time.


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4. Upload Photos

facebook slideshow ad upload images


Now comes the fun part, creating your actual Facebook slideshow Ad. For that, under the video section, click Create Slideshow. You’ll see a form that allows you to add photos to your Facebook Slideshow Ad, in various ways. You can upload photos from your computer or mobile phone, select photos from your Facebook page, or even choose from a selection of stock photos. You can add anywhere from 3 to 7 images to your Facebook slideshow ad.


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5. Customize Slideshow Images

facebook customize slideshow images


Next, you’ll see a bunch of image customization options that you can use to fine tune your slideshow ad. For example, you’ll need to decide how you want the images to appear in your slideshow – how many seconds each image should be displayed before moving to the next one. You can also set the transition effects such as fade, for your slideshow images. If all your photos are not of the same size or aspect ratio, then you can also define the aspect ratio, like square or rectangle, for all your slideshow images. This will make your slideshow look cohesive. You can also set a video thumbnail for your slideshow ad.


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6. Add Music & Text to Your Slideshow

facebook slideshow ad music and text


Did you know that you can also add text & music to your Facebook Slideshow ads? Yes, Facebook allows you to create truly engaging slideshow ads with custom text and music. You can add small text overlays above each slideshow image, if you want to add an explanation, a tag line or even a call-to-action for each slide. You can also add music track to your slideshow by choosing from a pre-defined list of music tracks belonging to various genres and styles.


7. Add existing videos

facebook slideshow ad upload video


What’s more, you can even create slideshow ads from your existing Facebook videos. So if you already have a Facebook Video Ad Campaign, you can simply upload your video and Facebook will automatically pick 10 images from it, that you can use to create your Facebook slideshow ad. You can review those images and choose the ones you want to include in your ad. In this case too, you can add text & music to your slideshow ad. This is useful if you don’t have separate photos but a single video that you’d like to use to create a slideshow. It can also help you test similar ads in different formats – as video and as slideshow – to see which one gets more response.


8. Publish Your Ad

Once you’re done creating your Facebook Slideshow ad, you can simply publish it by clicking Place Order and monitor your Ad campaign performance. Just like other Facebook Ads, you can pause and change your campaign if you’re not getting the desired results. On the other hand, you can even increase the campaign duration, if you get good results.


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Facebook Slideshow ads are a great way to quickly create visual and engaging ads using just photos, music & text. It’s a very useful Ad format for marketers and advertisers who may not have the budget and expertise to create professional video ads. It’s also an amazing way to test out new ad ideas, before investing more time & resources to create a full-fledged video or canvas ad.


Have you used Facebook Slideshow Ads for your business? Share your experience with us.


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