How to Create Facebook Messenger Ads?

With Facebook Messenger Ads, the social media giant has opened the doors to reach more than 1.2 billion monthly active users, one of the biggest marketing audiences in the world. So far, companies have been wondering how to use Facebook Messenger to grow their business. Sure, there are more than 100,000 bots on Facebook Messenger, but hardly anyone knows about them. It’s because Facebook neither sends you any messages or notifications about these bots. In fact, you have to look for them. This has made it really difficult for businesses to connect with target audience on Facebook Messenger. However, it looks like Facebook has done something about it, and created Facebook Messenger Ads (also called Facebook Messenger Destination Ads) that make it easier for businesses to promote their products & services on Facebook Messenger.


What are Facebook Messenger Ads?

Facebook Messenger Ads allow you to link your NewsFeed Ads to Facebook Messenger. For example, you can add a call to action (CTA) button such as ‘Send Message’ to your Facebook Ads and Sponsored Posts that appear on users’ Newsfeed. When users clicks your Newsfeed Ads, it will open up in Facebook Messenger with a copy of the Ad, or other customizable message. Just like Facebook Ads, Advertisers have the option to select the target audience and delivery times for Messenger Ads.

Here’s an example of Facebook Messenger Ad

facebook messenger ads example


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How to Create Facebook Messenger Ads?

Here are the steps to set up Facebook Messenger Destination Ads.


1. Choose “Traffic” Objective

When you create a Facebook Ad Campaign, select the Traffic Marketing Objective and click Continue.

facebook messenger ad objective



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2. Choose the News Feed Placement

Since Facebook Messenger Ads appear only on Desktop & Mobile News Feeds, select only desktop, mobile news feeds and Instagram feed (optional) as your Facebook Messenger Ad Placement Settings. If you select other placement options, you’ll see a warning to turn them off for Messenger Ads.

facebook messenger destination ad placement


3. Go to “Links” and Select “Messenger”

Under the Links section, scroll down to the Ad creation canvas, and select Messenger option.

facebook messenger ads links


4. Set up Messenger Content

Click Set up Messenger Content to set up the bot message that users will see when they click your NewsFeed Ad and arrive in Facebook Messenger. You’ll see a popup that allows you to configure the display text, images, messages, and even quick replies that users see when your Ad opens up in a Facebook Messenger Bot.

set up facebook messenger content


As you enter different details for your messenger content on the left side of the popup form, Facebook will create a preview for you on the right. After you have set up messenger content, click Done to save it. This will close the popup and you’ll be back to setting up your News Feed Ad.


5. Add Call To Action

Scroll down the Facebook Ad Canvas and click Call To Action dropdown. The default CTA is ‘Learn More’. You can select your choice of CTA, such as ‘Send Message’.

facebook messenger call to action


6. Launch NewsFeed Ad

As you fill out the required details for Facebook Messenger Ad, Facebook will create a live preview of your NewsFeed Ad on the right. If everything looks good, you can go ahead and click Place Order to launch your Facebook Messenger Destination Ad. That’s it!

Your CTA button will appear at the bottom right corner of your NewsFeed Ad.

facebook messenger ad example


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Facebook Messenger Ads provide amazing new ways for businesses to engage their target audience on Facebook Messenger, build new customers and grow their business. If you think about it, they basically allow you to promote your Facebook Messenger bot from within NewsFeed, and this is great because it provides new ways to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your existing customers as well as attract potential customers to your business.


How do you use Facebook Messenger Ads for your business?