How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaigns are a great way to create brand awareness and drive high quality leads to your site. So, how to Create an effective Facebook Ad Campaign? Here are the steps to set up a Facebook ad campaign to grow your business:


How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign

1. Set goals for your Facebook Advertising Campaign

The first step in Facebook Ad Creation is to set an end goal for your ad campaign. Why are you creating a Facebook Ad Campaign ? What do you hope to accomplish with your Facebook Ad? Once you set a goal, you can create your ad campaign around it, know what to measure and define its threshold for success.

For example, if you’re trying to increase your app downloads, you can set a goal to achieve 100 downloads in the first month.

Here are some more examples of goals:

  1. Increase traffic to my website by 10%
  2. Increase attendance to my event by 250
  3. Generate 50 new leads in 1 month
  4. Increase the visitors to my blog by 1000
  5. Increase blog engagement by 30 shares

The key is to define goals using numbers and set a time limit to measure the success of your Facebook Ad. Otherwise they become vague and you’ll be flying blind. For example, “Increase website traffic by 10% in 1 month” is much better than “Increase Site traffic” since it tells what to measure (website traffic) over what duration (1 month), and what defines the success (10% growth).

Since you need to spend money on your Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy, your goal will tell you when to change your strategy or even pull the plug on your Campaign.

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2. Go to Facebook Ads Manager

Next you need to go to Facebook Ads Manager. You can access it via the direct link , or by clicking “Manage Ads” in the dropdown menu of your Facebook Account, on top right corner of your screen. You can even open Facebook Ads Manager by clicking any of the CTAs such as “Promote”,”Boost” or “Promote post” on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Ads Manager

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3. Choose a Campaign Objective based on  Your Goal

Once you enter Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll be asked to choose a marketing objective for your Facebook Ad Campaign. There are 11 options you can choose from. Please note, these options change based on how Facebook updates its Advertising platform. Initially there used to be 15 options, now they have been consolidated into 11.

The marketing objectives are grouped into 3 sections based on what they’re expected to achieve – Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. You can choose your Facebook Ad Objective based on the advertising goal that you set in step 1.

Facebook Ads Marketing Objective



Under Awareness section you’ll find the following objectives to increase awareness of your business, product or service :

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Reach
  3. Local Awareness – You may find this optionally, if you’ve created a Facebook Page for Local Business


Under Consideration you’ll find objectives that encourage people to find out more about your business, product or service:

  1. Traffic
  2. Engagement
  3. App Installs
  4. Video Views
  5. Lead Generation (Check out our Complete Guide to Facebook Lead Ads )


Under Conversion, you’ll see objectives that encourage visitors to make a purchase:

  1. Conversions
  2. Product Catalogue Sales
  3. Store Visits

Once you’ve selected a marketing objective for your Facebook Ad Campaign, you’ll need to name your Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaign Name

Some of the marketing objectives may have an additional step where you need to provide the URL of your page or app that you are using in your Ad. For example, if you choose Traffic/App Installs, you’ll need to provide the page URL or choose App. If you choose Lead Generation, you’ll need to agree to using a Facebook pixel in  your advert and choose the Facebook Page that you want to promote.


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4. Define your Target Audience and Budget

The next step is very important, where you need to determine the target audience of your Facebook Ad Campaign, as well as decide the amount of money you’re willing to spend on your Ad Campaign.

Customizing your Target Audience

You can customize the target audience of your Facebook Ad based on the following demographics:

  1. Location : You can choose your target audience by specifying countries, states, cities, zip codes, and even within a few miles of an address.
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Languages
  5. Interests : You can target people based on their interests, activity, liked Pages and related topics.
  6. Behavior : Purchase behavior and intent, as well as device usage.
  7. Connections : You can choose to show your Facebook Ad to all people, or only those connected to your page, or those who are not connected to it.

Facebook Ads Customize Target Audience

Facebook also provides advanced targeting options, which lets you include or exclude people who like or follow certain pages, apps, or events. You can even target people using custom audience which allows you to target your existing customers or retarget people who have previously interacted with your business.

Facebook nails it when it comes to targeting options and if you target your audience properly, you can get amazing campaign results. To maximize the impact of your ads, Facebook recommends narrowing your reach in a targeted manner.


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Setting Your Budget

Once you’ve selected your target audience, you need to set how much money you’d like to spend on your Facebook Ad Campaign. Remember that the amount you set is the maximum amount of money you want to spend. If it is exhausted, your ads will not continue to be displayed. You can also set a daily or a lifetime budget for your Facebook Ad. This is an important feature to control Facebook Advertising Costs

  1. Daily budget : A daily budget is the average that you’ll pay every day.
  2. Lifetime budget : It is the maximum amount you’re willing to spend during the lifetime of your Facebook Advert.

Facebook Ads Budget

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5. Create your Facebook Ad

This is the creative part of your Facebook Ad Campaign. Facebook allows you to design an ad by choosing images (or video), adding headlines & body text, and deciding where it will be placed. For the text, you can create a message of up to 90 characters in length. It will appear above your image/video.

There are 2 ways to create a Facebook Advert:

1. Using an Existing Post

If you’re trying to promote existing content such as a blog post shared on your Facebook Page, you can use this option. Select Use Existing Post in Facebook Ads Manager, select the Facebook Page you’d like to use a post from and choose an individual post from that page to use as an advert.

Facebook will automatically create the ad using the image, title and other contents from your post.

Facebook Ads Use Existing Post

2. Creating a New Advert

If you want to start from a blank canvas, you can use this option. Facebook provides upto 5 ad templates (called ad formats) to choose from, based on your Ad format :

  1. Carousel : Create an advert with 2 or more scrollable images or videos. Read our complete step-by-step guide to Facebook Carousel Ads.
  2. Single Image : Create upto 6 variations of your advert using 1 image, at no extra cost.
  3. Single Video : Create an advert with one video. Read our detailed step-by-step guide to Facebook Video Ads.
  4. Slideshow : Create a looping video advert with upto 10 images
  5. Canvas : Tell a more immersive story by combining images and videos. Check out our Complete guide to Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Ad Format

Please note, the number of ad formats available to you will vary based on the marketing objective you selected in step 2.

Once you’ve selected the Ad format, you need to add content to your ad (image, copy, video). To make your ad stand out, you need to add a high resolution image and copy that will tempt people to click on your Facebook Ad.

Facebook Ads Create New Ad

The recommended image/video specs are placed next to the place where you upload your content. Please adhere to them to avoid blurry images or distorted videos in your Facebook Ad.

Here are the detailed Facebook Ad Specs and Image Sizes for each type of Facebook Ad.


6. Choose your Ad Placement

Ad Placement means where your Facebook Ad will be displayed – Facebook’s mobile News Feed, desktop News Feed, instant articles, in-stream videos and right column. You can also place your Facebook Ads on Instagram Feed and Stories. You can also customize ad placement based on type of device – desktop & mobile.

Facebook Ad Placements


However, Facebook recommends that you use default placements for your Facebook Ad, which will help Facebook optimize ad placements for you and maximize the impact of your Facebook Ad Campaign at cheapest overall average advertising cost.

For more on Facebook Ad Placements, you can refer to this guide by Facebook.


7. Place your Order

Now you’re Facebook Ad is ready to go live. Before your Ad is published, you need to submit it to Facebook for review. To submit your Ad, click Place Order button at the bottom right corner of the page. Once you submit your ad, Facebook will review it before publishing it. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Facebook when your Ad goes live.


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While creating a Facebook Ad Campaign, the key is to target the right audience and create an attractive ad that sends the right message. Start small with something as small as $1 a day, analyze your Ad performance, refine and iterate. Also, if you’re creating a Facebook Ad Campaign for the first time, then it’s better to leave default options for Facebook Ad placements. Check out our list of Facebook Advertising Tips to get most from your Facebook Ad Campaigns, and our list of 10 Best Facebook Ad Examples that you can use to optimize your Facebook Ad Campaigns..

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Got any tips to create effective Facebook Ad Campaigns ? Share them with us.