How To Create Call Only Ad

Call Only Ads allow people to directly call your business by clicking your Google search Ads. They are a great way to let users contact your business. Here’s how to create call only Ad in Google Adwords.


What is a call only Ad

Call Only Ad is a Google search Ad where your business phone number directly appears in Ad title. Users can click to contact your business directly. Here’s an example of call only Ad

call only ad

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Benefits of Call Only Ad

If your Ad goal is to get more phone calls, then Call only Ad is a great way to drive leads. Call only ads also help your prospective customers directly contact your business, instead of looking for contact information on your website.

Also, google Adwords provides call tracking and reporting that helps you monitor and analyze all calls generated via your call only Ads.

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How To Create Call Only Ad

Here are the steps to create call only Ad. Please note, since Google frequently changes the user interface of Google Adwords, some of the following steps might be different for you. Nevertheless, the overall approach remains the same.


1. Log into your Adwords account and create new campaign by clicking +Campaign


2. You’ll see a dropdown menu. Select Search Network Only from the dropdown.

call only ad 1


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3. Next, you’ll see a form to configure your call only Ad. Select Call Only option in the right pane to create call only Ad, and enter campaign name.

call only ad 2

4. Leave Type and Network settings as they are.


5. Under Locations, select Let me Choose. Type your business location. You will see a list of suggestions. Pick one or more locations by clicking Add next to them.

call only ad location

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6. After you select your business location, you will see form where you can specify the geographical radius within which your Ad should be visible to users. So if you select location as Bath, GB and select a radius of 5km, then your call only ad will be visible to people only in that area. This is useful in avoiding wasted clicks from far away users when you create call only Ad. Click Done to proceed.

call only ad geographical radius


7. Under Bid Strategy, enter your Bid amount for manual bidding, or select Automated bidding, to let Google optimize your bidding strategy.


8. Set Daily Budget amount as per your marketing budget.


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9. If you want the Call Only Ad to be displayed between specific dates, expand Schedule section under Advanced Settings and enter start & end dates & time when you want the Call extension to be shown. This is useful for a time-bound promotion.

call only ad schedule


10. Click Save and Continue


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11. Next, you will see a form to create an Ad Group. Enter Ad Group name, Business name, phone number, Description line 1 & 2, Display URL. You can also specify if you want Call Reporting and Conversion tracking. As you enter values on left pane, Google create your Ad preview on right pane

call only ad group


12. Finally, enter your target keywords

call only ad target keywords


13. Click Save Ad Group to create Call Only Ad.



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