How to Create Ad Group in Google Ads

Ad groups allow PPC advertisers to easily group their Ads and organize Ad campaigns around common keywords. They allow you to better structure your SEM campaigns and get best results. Here’s how to create Ad Group in Google Ads.


What is an Ad Group? How Are Ad Groups Structured?

Ad group allows you to group Ads that share similar targets, messaging, landing pages and keywords. It also allows us to specify a common set of keywords for each Ad campaign in an Ad Group. Ad groups allow you to easily organize your Ad campaigns and get better results.

Here’s an example of how ad groups are structured

adwords structure

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How Many Ads Can You Have in An Ad Group

You need to create at least 3 or more quality Ads per Ad group so that Adwords can optimize Ad performance and you can analyze performance data of Ads to find out which one resonates the most with your target audience.

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How to Use Ad Groups

There are many ways to use Ad groups. For example, you can set bid amount to be used when an Ad group’s keywords are triggered. You can also set prices for individual keywords in an Ad group. You can also use Ad groups to organize your Ads around common themes such as products, services and business categories that you want to advertise.

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How to Create Ad Group in Google Ads

Here are the steps to create Ad group in Google Ads.


1. Log into Google Adwords. Go to Ad Groups section and click big blue + sign.

creating new ad groups in adwords


2. You will see a form to enter Ad group details. Enter Ad group name. It is an Ad group best practice to enter target keyword as name.

new ad group elements

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3. Next, enter default bid amount, and 3-5 target keywords.


4. Click Save and Continue to create Ad group in Google Ads.


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