Clicky Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros and cons

Clicky is a powerful web analytics software that helps you track visitor movements & clicks, and automatically generates heatmaps to present results. Here’s our Clicky review to help you decide if it is the right conversion optimization software for your business.


Clicky Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros and cons

Here’s our Clicky review, pricing, features, benefits, pros and cons.


Clicky Review

Clicky is a powerful real-time, web analytics tool that provides tons of features in addition to conversion optimization.

First of all, it gives a clear overview of your traffic, in real-time – their location, languages, device, browser, etc.

It will automatically filter out spam bots and referrer spam, in its results. So you get an accurate understanding about your website.

It supports on-site analytics, and heatmaps to help you understand how visitors interact with your website – where they move their mouse pointer, where they click, how they scroll.

This will help you understand which areas of your website are interesting and which ones need to be optimized.

In fact, it also provides uptime monitoring so that you can keep you site all the time.

It is suitable for bloggers, marketers, SMBs, solopreneurs and medium-large businesses. Clicky is a great tool to get real-time insights about your website as well as understand how marketing campaigns are performing.


Clicky Benefits

Here are the key benefits of Clicky:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Understand user behavior
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Get more sign ups
  • Increase email subscribers


Clicky Features

Here are the key features of Clicky:

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • User Activity
  • Heat Maps
  • Up Time Monitoring
  • Click Tracking
  • Mouse movement tracking
  • Scroll tracking
  • Https Tracking
  • Google Search Rankings
  • Flexible API
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Un-sampled Data
  • Dashboard
  • Video Analytics


Clicky Pricing

Clicky offers 1 free plan and 4 paid plans

  • Free
    • One website tracking
    • 3000 daily page views
    • Searches
    • Referrers
    • Real time Data
  • Pro – $9.99/month
    • 10 Websites tracking
    • 30000 total daily page views
    • Premium Features
    • All features from the free plan
  • Pro Plus – $14.99/month
    • All┬áPro Plan features
    • Uptime Monitorin
    • Heat Maps
  • Pro Platinum – $19.99/month
    • All Pro Plus features
    • You can track 30 websites
    • Total Daily page views up to 100,000
  • Custom – Request by Quote
    • Custom features


Clicky Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of features
  • Mature product
  • Affordable


  • Lacks some of the features available in other conversion rate optimization tools like Hotjar


Final Verdict

Clicky is purely a web analytics, mouse tracking and heatmap tool. It is suitable for bloggers, marketers, SMBs and large enterprises. It might not have some of the CRO features such as session recording, provided by other tools. However, if you are looking for a reliable web analytics & heatmap tool, try Clicky.



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