Best Online Backlink Checker Tools for SEO

Backlink Checkers provide an amazing automated way to quickly find and profile all the backlinks to your website or blog. Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO. Getting backlinks improves domain authority and boosts search rankings. When it comes to backlinks, quality is way more important than quantity. These days it’s not important to have too many backlinks. It is, however, essential to have high quality backlinks.

Here are the Best Online Backlink Checker Tools to find out how many and what type of backlinks point to your website, and also perform competitor backlink analysis.

The Best Online Backlinks Checker Tools & Software for SEO

1. Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler is a free online backlink checker software that allows you to find out all the backlinks to your website. You can even export the result of backlink analysis as a CSV.

It’s extremely fast and even tracks the freshest links that you may have received just recently. The best part about Open Link Profiler (apart from the fact that it is free) is that you can filter the results of your backlink analysis using various filters such as source url, destination url, type of link, anchor text, top level domains, date added on, and more. This makes it super easy to analyze your backlinks quickly.

It’s our favorite and highly recommended. Did we mention that it’s a free online backlink checker tool ?

open site profiler backlink checker software

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2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an amazing Backlink Checker Tool that gives you a comprehensive link analysis profile of your website. It allows you track your backlinks over time to see how they are increasing or decreasing.

Ahrefs also provides a detailed backlink profile which tells you the total number of backlinks, referring domains, pages and even subnets pointing to your website. It further breaks down these numbers based on Top level domains(.com, .org., .edu, etc). It even tells you how many backlinks you’ve received for each type of link (Dofollow, nofollow, text, image, redirect, etc).

It’s a paid online backlink checker tool (plans begin at $99/month) but if you register for a free account, you’ll get a complete link analysis for your website.

ahrefs backlink checker service

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3. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another great backlink checker software. They provide free & paid versions. The paid version allows you to check backlinks to individual URLs also. It’s therefore popular among bloggers and content marketers who need to track backlinks to individual articles & blog posts. Buzzsumo pricing starts at $79/month.

BuzzSumo Backlink Checker Solution

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4. Open Site Explorer

This post would be incomplete without mentioning Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer, by Moz, is perhaps the most popular backlink checker tool out there. It’s a very mature backlink checker tool with tons of features.

The free version allows you to do a basic backlink analysis of your site (and your competitor’s site). To get the most value from Open Site Explorer, it’s better if you have a paid account of SEOMoz. Pricing starts at $99/month.

open site explorer backlink checker platform

5. SEMRush

SEMRush is another awesome SEO Tool. In fact, it’s growing to become a robust SEO Platform that allows you to do keyword research, backlink analysis, get SEO reports and a lot more. You can even use it as a long-tail keyword tool.

Just like Ahrefs, it provides a thorough backlink analysis report which not only shows the total number of backlinks to your site but also breaks it down by top level domains (.com,.org,.edu, etc) as well as the type of link (dofollow, nofollow, text, image, etc)

It even shows the distribution of backlinks to your site by country

It even shows the distribution of backlinks to your site by country

semrush backlink checker tools

SEMRush has another cool feature that allows you to compare the backlink profile of multiple websites.

SEMrush Backlinks Comparison domains URL

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When it comes to building backlinks for your website, keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. A handful of backlinks from high quality websites such as HubSpot, or Mashable can boost your rankings tremendously, compared to getting hundreds of backlinks from low quality websites. Building quality backlinks takes months, but it is totally worth your time & effort. High Quality backlinks drive targeted visitors to your website who explore your site and this, in turn, reduces bounce rate of your website, improves conversion rate and grows your business faster. Check out list of SEO Analysis Tools to analyze your website for free.


Optimizing Images for SEO, reducing Bounce Rate, and using Keyword Research Tools to target the right keywords are some of the other ways to improve page rank for your website. You can even optimize videos for SEO. Check out our On-Page SEO Checklist and Off-page SEO Techniques for Tips to improve search engine ranking.


If you want to suggest any backlink checker software & tools, please share them as comments.

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