Best Google Ad Sizes : Google AdSense Formats that are Most Effective

Google Adsense provides up to 23 Google Ad Sizes to choose from when you place Google Ads on your website, or mobile app. However, not all of them may perform well or be proftitable. So which Google Ad Size will earn you the most?

First, lets’ look at all the Google Ad sizes available.

Google AdSense Ad Size List

Here are the Google Ad Sizes supported by Google AdSense:

  • leaderboard (ad size 728×90)
  • banner (ad size 468×60)
  • half banner (ad size 234×60)
  • button (ad size 125×125)
  • skyscraper (ad size 120×600)
  • wide skyscraper (ad size 160×600)
  • small rectangle (ad size 180×150)
  • vertical banner (ad size 120 x 240)
  • small square (ad size 200×200)
  • square (ad size 250×250)
  • medium rectangle (ad size 300×250)
  • large rectangle (ad size 336×280)
  • half page (ad size 300×600)
  • portrait (ad size 300×1050)
  • mobile banner (ad size 320×50)
  • large leaderboard (ad size 970×90)
  • billboard (ad size 970×250)

Here are the Google Ad Link Unit Sizes supported by Google Adsense:

  • (120×90) – Displays 3 links
  • (160×90) – Displays 3 links
  • (180×90) – Displays 3 links
  • (200×90) – Displays 3 links
  • (468×15) – Displays 4 links
  • (728×15) – Displays 4 links


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Which Google AdSense Formats Make Most Money?

The following graph shows how Click-through rates increase based on the Google Ad Size

google ad sizes

As you can see the click-through rates are much better for google ads with larger ad units.


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Best Google Ad Sizes that are most effective

The Google Adsense Site says that the most effective Google Ad Banner Sizes are:

  1. 336×280 px Large Rectangle
  2. 300×250 px Medium Rectangle
  3. 160×600 px Wide Skyscraper

Wider Google Ad Formats outperform taller google adsense ad units because of their reader-friendly format. Also, wider ads lessen the likelihood of readers missing your google ad unit altogether.

So if you display a 300 x 250px google adsense ad unit, then do split testing for a week with a bigger google ad unit of 336 x 280px to see if improves click-through rates of your Google Ads.

Similarly, if you use a skyscraper google ad unit size of  120 x 600px on your website, then try to use a google ad unit of 160 x 600 px instead.

Also, most websites show a google leader ad of size 728 x 90 px on top. Ensure that this is not the first google ad unit on your page, as it is not always the best performing one.

Many blogs display 125 x 125 px google ad unit at the bottom of the page. However, we’ve seen that this is one of the worst performing ad units and should be replaced with one of the bigger google adsense ad units mentioned above.


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Test Various Google Ad Sizes for Best Result

If you don’t know which google adsense ad units perform the best for your site, you should test different ad sizes on your website for 1 week at a time, analyze the ad campaign performance to pick the best performing google adsense ad that drives maximum click-throughs and earnings.

For example, if you use 250 x 250px google ad units on your website, try bigger ad units like 300 x 250 px and 336 x 280px each for 1 week. Then compare the key google adsense metrics for each ad size to find out the most profitable and effective google adsense ad unit for your website. You can analyze key metrics like number of impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR) and earning for each ad unit.

They key is to keep testing various google ad units to find out the most performing google adsense ads.

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Google Adsense provides a variety of Ad units and banner sizes suitable for every website. However, it’s important to test each Google Adsense Ad to find out the best performing & most earning Google Adsense Ad Units & Sizes for your website.

To begin with, you can use the 3 recommended Google AdSense Ad Units & Sizes mentioned above by Google Adsense website. However, also test other similar google adsense banner sizes to ensure that your google ads are optimized and give you the maximum earnings. For example, if you start with 336×280 px Large Rectangle Google Ad, make sure you do split testing for google ads with similar size such as medium rectangle 300×250 px.


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Which Google Ad sizes do you prefer? Do you have any tips & best practices to find the best performing Google Adsense Ad unit & Size? Please share them as comments.