How To Add Seller Ratings To Google Ads

Google Seller Ratings extension allows you to display product/service ratings in your Google Adwords Ads for your business. They help you increase business credibility, improve Ad quality and clickthrough rates. If you are wondering “How do sellers get Google Ratings?” or “How do you get starts in Google Ads?”, then here’s how to add seller ratings to Google Ads.


What are Google Seller Ratings?

Seller ratings are automated Ad extensions that display a rating between one and five starts in your Google display Ads. It is an automated Google Ad extension that automatically calculates your business rating from multiple reliable sources that Google trusts (such as Google, TrustPilot, BizRate, Amazon, YotPo, etc).

In addition to the star rating, it may also display the number of unique reviews received by your business, as well as unique features relevant to your business, such as average delivery time, if featured item is in stock, etc.

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Benefits of Google Seller Ratings

Here are the key benefits of Google Seller Ratings:

  • Improves Ad credibility
  • Increase clickthrough rate
  • Attracts more qualified leads

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How To Add Seller Ratings To Google Ads

Google Seller Ratings are automated Ad extensions that are displayed when your business gets at least 150 unique reviews in past 12 months, with a minimum rating of 3.5 stars.

Google collects these review from various sources, including its own Google Customer Reviews

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How to Turn Off Google Seller Ratings

Although it is highly recommended to keep seller ratings on, here are the steps to turn off seller ratings if you don’t find them useful.

  1. Log into GoogleAdwords, click Ads & extensions in the menu
  2. Click Automated Extensions
  3. Click Advanced options in the menu on the right side.
  4. Click Turn off specific automated extensions
  5. You will see a list of all automated extensions. Select the seller rating extension.
  6. Give your reason for turning off the extension, then click Turn off


Hopefully, now you can easily add seller ratings to Google Adwords Ads.


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