9 Best Social Media Optimization Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media optimization is the next step in social media marketing that will enable you to make the most of your marketing campaigns and help your business to stand apart from the crowd.

Today, Social Media has become one of the most dominant marketing channels on the internet that drives thousands, and even millions of visitors to businesses all over the world. However, like every popular marketing channel, social media marketing has also become very crowded with businesses finding it increasingly difficult to stand apart from the crowd. So how to build your brand on social media platforms? The answer is Social Media Optimization. Gone are the days when you could simply post a Facebook updates, sit back and watch the traffic come in. Today, it’s become important to optimize your social media efforts to get the most out of your Social media strategy. Here are 10 Social Media Optimization Techniques you can use to boost your social marketing activities.


What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the techniques and tactics used to build brand awareness on social media platforms, by posting interesting updates and useful content that people are compelled to share and engage with. Social Media Optimization enables you to make the most of your social media marketing strategy, increase website traffic and boost conversions.


9 Best Social Media Optimization Techniques to Grow Your Business


1. Create Great Content

There’s no other way to say this but you need to create amazing content to build an audience on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Create content that is relevant, interesting and useful for your audience – such as lists, how to’s, and popular news. You don’t need to write a 5,000 word epic blog post. Even a simple 600 word blog post is enough, as long as it is useful and interesting to read. Use catchy headlines to attract user attention – whether it is a Facebook post, Tweet or a LinkedIn update.


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2. Target Relevant Audience

Use your own network and your friends’ networks to promote your content. Also, establish good relationships with industry experts and professionals, by initially following them and engaging with their content. Over time, even they’ll start reciprocating the gesture. Similarly, connect with people who like, share or comment up on your content. They provide amazing social proof that your content rocks, and help you increase the reach of future content promotion activities.


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3. Syndicate smartly

When it comes to content syndication, quality is more important than quantity. Syndicate to a few good websites that are relevant to your business, instead of wasting time on hundreds of them. If you find that you’re spending a lot of time syndicating content, then use one of the content promotion tools to automate your tasks. Also, syndicate only your best content, and in return, ask for do follow links with your target keywords in the anchor text. This will boost the search engine rankings of your website.



4. Keep Growing Your Audience

Always keep growing your network on social media platforms. You can do that by initially engaging with other people’s content and following up with a friend request. If they don’t publish any content, then you can send them a direct message about their profile or interests, and start a conversation before sending an invite. You can even connect with people you meet & discuss on social media groups. However, avoid cold friending, as it might seem creepy.



5. Drive traffic back to your website

As you build your social media audience, use different ways to attract them back to your website – using call to action on your social media pages & content, giveaways, promotional offers, opt-ins, whitepapers and even case studies. You can’t increase your revenue if you’re unable to drive audience back to your website.


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6. Build Social Proof

How many fans do your social media pages have ? Are their friends following your business page? Who are your friends? Do you have any mutual connections? These are some of the questions that people think about when they come across your brand (via your social media business page, content or your own social media activity). So ensure that your business provides adequate social proof to increase your social media reach.



7. Update content consistently

Audiences prefer if you post short updates over long intervals of time, on a consistent basis. It shows that your business alive & kicking. So keep posting your content as well as business updates, at least 2-3 times every day, on each social network. Also, find the optimal time to post updates so that they drive maximum engagement. You can also use one of the social media scheduling tools to automate your social media updates and also get useful insights about post reach & engagement.


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8. Reach out to Influencers

Find out who are the key influencers in your industry, as well as your own network. Find out ways to get their attention and build familiarity. Start by following them on social media networks and engaging with their content. Remember, they already have thousands of followers who like & share their updates. How do you stand apart? So provide meaningful feedback and comments to their content, that not only appreciates their efforts but also helps grow their audience. Instead of posting comments on social network, send them a personalized email with detailed feedback, to get their attention. It shows that you’re interested in what they have to say, and would like to build a genuine relationship.



9. Engage your Audience

Lastly, engage your audience, to make them feel valued. Thank people if they like/share your content. Reply to direct messages quickly.  Engage in meaningful discussions through comments and appreciate the time they took to read your content. Don’t just post content on your Facebook Business Page and move on.

You can even run contests and sweepstakes on your Facebook Page to create Buzz about your business, or crowdsource answers by asking for testimonials, or feedback about existing products and new ideas.


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Social Media Optimization provides many different ways to engage your existing audience, increase your fan base and build your brand on Social Media Networks. The key is to measure the ROI of each social media optimization activity by tracking their engagement and reach, finding out how much traffic they drive to your website, and how many of them convert to actual customers. This will tell you which social media optimization generates revenue for your business. You can use the in-built analytics tools provided by each Social media platform, such as Audience insights by Facebook, or third-party Social Media Analytics Tools that enable you to monitor the performance of your social media marketing campaigns, and generate comprehensive analytics reports about your social media accounts.



Do you have any Social Media Optimization Tips?



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