8 Best Blog Topic Generators for Content Idea Generation

Blog Topic generators make it easy to generate blog topic ideas and ensure that you continuously produce fresh, high quality content. Blogging is a great way to create relevant and valuable content for your target audience and meaningfully engage them. However, blogging is a continuous process and you need to regularly come up with awesome blog topics and ideas that attract, educate and engage people. Many a times, you may run out of good topics to write about, or even hit a writer’s block. So how do consistently generate great topic ideas for your content? That’s where blog topic generators come in. Here are 8 Best Blog Topic Generators that enable you to come up with awesome blog topic ideas.


8 Best Blog Topic Generators for Idea Generation

Here are 8 Blog Title Generators you can use to generate blog post ideas for your business.


1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot provides a free blog topic generator that lets you enter 3 different nouns and generates a list of 5 blog topic ideas that you can use for your content marketing.

hubspot blog topic generator

Here’s an example of blog post ideas when you enter the nous creativity, art & design.

blog topic ideas


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2. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent provides a simple yet awesome article headline generator, called Content Idea Generator. Simply enter the subject for which you want to generate a blog post idea and hit the submit button. It will immediately show a blog post suggestion. You can always hit the refresh button to generate another blog topic suggestion. Keep refreshing till you find what you like.

Like every generator tools, Portent’s Content Idea Generator does occasionally throw up meaningless blog topic ideas. At such times, you can hit the refresh button to generate a new one.

portent content idea generator


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3. Blog Post Idea Generator by Build Your Own Blog

Blog Post Idea Generator by Build Your Own Blog is quite different from other blog topic generators. You don’t need to enter a keyword for generating blog post ideas. Instead, you simply hit the Generate Blog Post Idea button and it will generate a blog post idea for you. Hit the button to generate a new idea every time. It’s basically a random blog title idea generator.

blog post idea generator


However, since you haven’t entered a keyword, the blog topic idea may not be directly useful to you. The idea here is to help you find a suitable blog title structure, instead of suggesting the actual title. For example, some of the suggestions made by this tool look like

  • 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About…
  • X Myths About ….
  • 7 Reasons Why ___________ Always Works
  • Top X Must Have’s For _________

While using this blog title generator, you should look for a suitable blog title structure that you can customize for your content marketing strategy.


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4. Blog Title Idea Generator

Blog Title Idea Generator is a blog topic generator from Inbound Now, and is very similar to the title generator above. However, we found it to be better than the tool by Build Your Own Blog, because it provides general blog titles with appropriate placeholders that you can customize to quickly generate blog post topics for your business. For example,

  • [Number] quick solution (or way) to [something]
  • The 10 Commandments of [Keyword] That Work
  • The Top [Number] [Industry] Blogs You Should be Reading
  • How to Use [Solution Based Keyword] to [Desirable Outcome Keyword]

random blog topic generator


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5. Link Bait Generator

Link Bait Generator is a catchy blog title generator that has a minimalist design. All you need to do is enter a subject and hit the Get Linkbait button. It will generate a list of 25 interesting blog title suggestions. They’re a combination of Shocking, Fun and Controversial blog title ideas that are bound to drive clicks. If you’re looking to create blog titles like the ones found on BuzzFeed, HuffPost and UpWorthy, then this is the blog topic generator you need. Give it a try!

linkbait blog title generator


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6. ContentIdeator

ContentIdeator is another amazing blog topic generator that literally provides hundreds of blog topic suggestions for your keyword. It provides pages and pages of blog title suggestions, that you can use for your business. We were able to find meaningful blog title suggestions till page 4.

article headline generator


It works great if you enter a broad keyword topic like “art” and generates hundreds of blog title suggestions. However, if you enter a really specific keywords like “health food”, it might return just one suggestion.



7. Content Strategy Helper

Content Strategy Helper by Built Visible is an awesome blog topic generator that’s actually a Google Doc Tool. It allows you to research blog topic ideas right from within your google spreadsheet.

It shows you a list of trending content gathered from various online sources such as Google News, Reddit, Google Insights, YouTube, Topsy and more. It also provides a list of contacts that you can use for outreach campaigns.

blog topic generator


It’s a little different from other blog topic generators, as it only shows you a list of latest trending content. You don’t get to enter the target keyword or subject. However, these hot topics can help you create timely content pieces and also create news-based blog posts. Content Strategy Helper is a great content research tool if you run a news site (for marketing, technology, world news, etc).


8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of our favorite content curation tools that we just cannot live without. It’s actually an amazing content search engine that allows you to find the most popular content about any keyword or topic. You enter a keyword or topic and BuzzSumo will immediately list the most popular articles & blog posts about it, with the number of social media shares on popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. You can even sort or filter these results by date, language, country or content type. It even shows each article’s sharers and backlinks. This makes it super easy to quickly understand trending blog post topics and customize them to create your own blog post titles.

buzzsumo blog topic generator



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Blog Topic Generators provide a great way to generate blog post title ideas and suggestions that you can use for Content marketing. You can even use them in combination with a content curation tool like BuzzSumo to see if your blog title is trending. They are also known as “article headline generator”, “blog title generator” but they all do the same thing. However, they are only as good as the subject or keyword that you enter. So it’s important to clearly understand your target audience, know what type of content they like to read and what topics excite them, to be able to generate great blog post titles that are catchy and engaging.


Do you use blog post title generators? Which is your favorite blog topic generator?


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