7 Ways to Drive Referrals For Business from Existing Customers

Even though social media marketing is more thriving than ever and it continuously attracts leads by providing a continuous and steady boost to your business, but you still have to ask the question, ‘How can you further increase your engagement and get noticeable results?’.

Customer Referrals are one of the most trustworthy and best ways to drive your business forward. They generate new business and retain old customers. Your prospective clients are also likely to trust the word of existing customer more than any other source of communication.

While every enterprise recognizes this, they sometimes don’t know how and when to approach and drive referrals for business. This may happen due to many reasons, some of them being:

  • sellers become uncomfortable in asking for referrals
  • they do not want to appear as asking for favors and being in under a debt
  • professionals may not want to appear too desperate for more business in front of their
    existing clients
  • some small or medium sized companies may even doubt their value of deliverables


To make sure that you can capitalize on the undisputable power of word-of-mouth, we have accumulated a list of tactical tips to drive referrals for business from existing customers:


Make sure you have worthy deliverables and happy customers

Right off the bat, to earn referrals you have to make sure your existing customers are satisfied with your products and services.

Invest in understanding what it takes to provide exceptional customer experience and services. Earning referrals from customers who have had their share of positive experiences becomes fairly simple.


Create a complimentary Referral Program

Review your inventory of customers and identify those who are valuable to your company.

Be sure to segment out those providers in this network with whom you would be comfortable in driving referrals from and similarly, recommending them to your business or social circle.


Make referring you simple and easy

Simply ask your customers to refer your business to their friends, family, and colleagues. If not everyone, but some will definitely take you up on it. Make sure your website has plug-ins and buttons which makes it easier to refer your business.


Render incentives

People often provide better results when an incentive is offered to them. Apply the same strategy in driving your referrals for your business.

Make sure your customer understands that sharing your business with other people will reward them as well if they ask for referrals. Every customer has a different desire, find out what works for them – like a referral commission, gifts, or even vouchers and simple recognition – and present that as the offer.


Convey your value repeatedly

Keep in constant touch with your buyers’ requirements who drive referrals for business, and try to engage with them – this incidentally will help you improve your sales.

Remind customers that you’re loyal to them – just a simple thank you note does wonders. Keep your current clients updated about all the products and services you offer.


Use Social Media

Use social networking platforms as another medium for customers to present your enterprise to other people.

Update your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles; be active on the social platforms and interact with people. Target future clients and post catchy content that attracts them. Put a sales referral process into place to drive high quality referrals consistently.


Ask for a referral at the right time

Finally, have a clear mind on who you want to gain as clients. If you have customers who don’t refer, create ways for them to recommend you – provide them with content and your details.

Find the right time to ask for referrals, catch, and engross your customers when they are feeling most satisfied with your work.


Wrapping Up

Happy customers not only bring repeat business, but can also be the best brand ambassadors of your business. The trick is to ask them to help spread the word, in the right way, at the right time.