7 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Traffic for Your Online Store

“Build it and it will come,” is how the line goes, but you might wonder that with lakhs of ecommerce sites out there, how will it come? Selling online means that you have the whole world as your customers. But this also means that you have that many competitors to compete with! How to increase ecommerce traffic? – This is a question running in the minds of every small ecommerce business owner.

All businesses have to increase their traffic to see continued growth. Listed below are seven ways to increase ecommerce traffic.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads

PPC Ads are one of the quickest ways to increase ecommerce traffic. You will find several “pay-per-click” options out there, but PPC mostly refers to the text-only ads that you can spot right at the top of your search results.

Even though these text ads are not as catchy as other types of online ads, it gives you an opportunity to showcase your product and services to all your target customers. Though it cannot guarantee you a sale, it will definitely help you get noticed.

PPC works best for products with an average to above-average profit margin.

Use Instagram to Increase ecommerce traffic

Instagram, with approximately 800 million active monthly users is a great platform to get noticed and also to increase your ecommerce traffic.

Here is how Instagram can help you with traffic:

1. You get to post regular content, daily stories and updates, 3 pictures each day, and weekly live content
2. You can follow, unfollow, post a comment and like competitors engaged followers
3. It helps you get noticed – you can contact similar businesses or your target customers

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another very good way to increase ecommerce traffic is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO, as it is popularly known, involves a set of rules and practices that enable your website to rank on top on search engines for your target keywords.

SEO is undoubtedly one of the most critical and effective ways to be found on search engines for specific keywords. However, it is a long-term technique which if done will most certainly give you great results. Having said that, SEO is not suitable for immediate traffic.

You can either hire a team of SEO writers or outsource it. No matter how long it takes, make sure that your team only practices ethical SEO practices failing which you might have to face severe penalties from Google and fall down in page ranking overnight.


Mobile App

In this digitalized world, people are becoming increasingly comfortable buying products and services on mobile devices. It is hence essential for all ecommerce websites to have a mobile app, mobile-optimized site, or both.

Several ecommerce sites offer incentives to customers for downloading their mobile app as well as for in-app purchases.

Sites like MobiCommerce, Apptuse, ShopGate, and MobiCart can help you create a mobile app that your customers can download, or help mobilize your current ecommerce site.


Banner Advertising

The rectangular or square shaped graphic ads that appear on specific websites are a powerful way to reach out to your target consumers. You can choose the websites you want to advertise on. This marketing strategy using banner ads is being referred to as Remarketing or Retargeting Advertising off late.

This sort of marketing targets customers who have visited your store in the past. The chances of them visiting your store again are high and you must reach out to them through various creative messages and banners.



Many businesses maintain blogs. Blogging is a powerful technique to increase ecommerce traffic. It helps improve search rankings, backlinks and also help increase the number of visitors coming to your site.

Here are few things you can blog about to ensure that your target customers keep visiting your site over and over again:

• New product review/announcements
• New features added to your service or product
• New trends (in case of fashion, interior decoration
• New Recipes for sites selling food and groceries

Choose the right topics for your blogs depending on the kind of products you sell. Make sure to be consistent as it most certainly will help improve your search engine rankings, over a period of time.


Social Media Marketing

One of the easiest ways to increase ecommerce traffic is social media marketing. Apart from Instagram that we discussed separately, all social media platform which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are great places to showcase your products, services, and blog updates.
Social media marketing is important not just for building backlinks from social media sites, it also plays a significant role in search engine ranking.

Your Facebook and Twitter pages must have attractive header graphics. Post regularly (preferably 2-3 per day) and consistently to boost user engagement.



While there are many other ways to increase ecommerce traffic including email, the seven techniques mentioned above will certainly boost your traffic for your online store.


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