7 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The last two decades have seen a tremendous change in the way businesses are conducted, thanks to the groundbreaking innovations in the technology spectrum. Especially, with the introduction of smartphones, everything around has completely changed and business sector is no different at this aspect. Now, a consumer can pretty much buy something at the comfort of their finger tips.

But, this phenomenon hasn’t been completely grasped by a lot of businesses. If you’re a business owner who thrives to improve your business model and eventually increase your sales, revenue, and more importantly your reach, you should definitely educate yourself about the key mobile marketing tips.


Here’s a list of the top 7 mobile marketing tips for small businesses

Major business firms usually hire a team of experts to oversee their mobile marketing strategies, but it’s quite a different story when it comes to the small businesses. Here, you generally take care of the mobile marketing on your own. So, learning and then implementing these mobile marketing techniques could help you by leaps and bounds.


Get started with a mobile-friendly website edition

Back in the days, websites used to come in a standard version, where the desktop version is also rolled out to the mobile devices as well. But, now you can develop a mobile version of your website, which is a much more suitable and optimum choice.


Make all of your webpages responsive

Responsive websites are extremely effective and efficient at delivering the website experience to a mobile user. Responsive websites adapt and adjust themselves according to the device the user is using to fit the screen perfectly. Make sure that all your website pages are responsive, to provide a better experience to your traffic.


Focus on user-friendliness, not extravagant looks

Many small business owners usually commit a mistake by getting a website that focuses too much on the looks, but not the functionality. If your mobile business website is glitch and complicated, you may lose your followers, which is why you should definitely focus on building a user-friendly mobile website for your business.


Develop an exclusive marketing strategy for mobile social media

Gone are the days of Myspace and Orkut, where people used to access social media through their desktops. Now, majority of the social media users access their accounts through their mobile. This is exactly why you must develop a separate mobile social media marketing strategy along with the regular ones.


Use text message marketing effectively

Many novice business owners misinterpret text message marketing as spamming the customers’ inbox with flooded messages. The key here is to use this aspect sensibly, by only rolling out promotional text messages at the time of special events, discounts, new product launches, and similar others.


Don’t just focus solely on sales

While planning your mobile marketing strategy, don’t focus completely on sales. To be realistic, you need to consider build your branding, which eventually gets you sales in the long run. Concentrate on increasing your reach, through which you’ll eventually get your business improved.


Test, Optimize, and Implement

Mobile marketing is a tricky aspect, which is why you must first test your strategy, analyze your performance, learn about any mistakes, and then ultimately improve it before implementing it on a larger scale.


Final words

By now, you may have gotten some important mobile marketing tips, with which you can definitely improve your small business. Now, it’s time to implement them and get the results.