7 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Every business wants to sell its products and services to as many people as possible. This is usually accomplished by positioning your business in front of a target audience. The challenge arises when you have a small marketing budget and can only dream to afford putting up advertisements on billboards and television.

To tackle this situation, owner should take the time and strategically plan out inexpensive marketing ideas for small business. There are plenty of ways to promote your small business without blowing your small marketing budget.

Here are some of the main inexpensive marketing ideas for small business that will help get you the best marketing bang for your limited buck.


Drive referrals from existing customers

Isn’t it a saying that “you don’t get something unless you ask for it”? Customer Referrals are one of the most trustworthy and best ways to drive your business forward

They generate new business and retain old customers. Your prospective clients are also likely to trust the word of existing customer more than any other source of communication. The link is attached to help you out for the same!


Become social media savvy

Needless to say, social media runs our lives on a daily basis. It has become one of the best platforms for businesses and deserves to be topping the list of inexpensive marketing ideas for small business.

Create business pages on major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram. It will provide your business as much exposure as possible.


Publish interactive and appropriate content

The reason behind the sudden boost in social media marketing industry, is the demand for great content.

If you can design creatives or have the knack for writing, then all the better; else you can always have someone from your team or a freelancer to do this work.

Your content should be interactive with your target audience. Blog posts must be informative enough to engage the reader fully.


Try out Ad services by Google and Facebook


While billboard or television advertisements are a far-fetched dream, Google and Facebook are filling that void by enabling their platform as a channel for advertisements.

These online services often provide discounted coupons for displaying ads. You can even boost your website, blogs or posts on these services with a pretty affordable budget.

Other web hosting services like Yahoo, Bing, Reddit, Pinterest etc., offer discounted advertisement campaigns as well.


Create a website

Nowadays, any type of enterprise be it large, small or medium has a website. Creating a website doesn’t cost as much as it may seem. You can always use tools like Wix or SquareSpace to quickly build a site.

A website makes the process of getting referrals a lot easier and has many uses. Your target audience gets a
glimpse of the products and services provided, your values, live demo and much more.

Industrial Partnerships are the new trend in town

Cross-promotion of products and services with other local businesses helps in expansion of your network and relationship with people. This allows you to attract many potential clients outside your niche.

You can also team up with other businesses related to your industry for webinars, giveaways and any other special event.

Urbanized Marketing Strategies

You do not have to do over the top advertisements to get noticed. Putting up a simple sidewalk sign with a witty tagline always makes a few heads turn. A simple charitable donation to any nearby grocery store, old age home, or any environmental center definitely amps up your reputation.



Although there are many inexpensive marketing ideas to grow your business, it’s important to measure the performance of each campaign and find out what’s working, so you can refine and repeat it over time.