7 Free Stock Images Sites for Your Small Business

No design is complete without pictures. You need visual aids to make your content look wholesome and appealing. But when you are working on a shoestring budget and tight deadlines, you really don’t have the financial capacity of buying accounts on stock picture websites. That’s why, you need to constantly stay on the look out for free stock images that require no copyright documentation.

Here are seven free stock photo sites that will definitely help you to spruce up your website and content:


Photo Rack

They maintain a vast collection of free photos, from nature to sports to even wallpaper. This website also doesn’t restrict the number of times you download the images so you have the freedom to experiment with the pictures as much as you can.

The pictures are sub categorized well so there is no confusion for you. These pictures are available in zip format and ‘normal’ format, meaning simple jpegs or pngs.


Historical Stock Photos

This is the perfect place to find images if you are working on a historical project, social project or cause. Historical Stock Photos contains images from various continents and numerous epochs. This website is a free vertical of Image Envision, which is a paid site for a larger collection of historical, royalty free, photos.


Kave Wall

This is graphic design firm that also provides free stock photo services. These images are free but if you wish to use high resolution images for your project then you’ll have to shell out some money. They maintain a huge library of travel photographs which are mesmerizing to look at.



It is one of the best free stock images website. Pexels is the perfect place for designers, bloggers and anyone who is looking for high resolution and free stock images. These pictures are logged under Creative Commons Zero license, meaning they are free to be used for any personal or commercial use.

Furthermore, like most websites that provide free stock images, you are not required to source the photographer. All the images are incredibly easy to discover as they are appropriately tagged and categorized. You can even upload your own images to help build this community further.


Free Range Stock

The images on this website are free to use for any personal or commercial project. But it restricts you from repackaging or redistributing these images.

This essentially means that you cannot print the images you download on mugs, shirts, or any such thing, which falls under the prohibition of redistribution of images.

If however, you do that, the profits received on those items will be the legal property of the original image owner.


Every Stock Photo

Think of this website as the mothership of free stock images, as there are over thirty million free photos to choose from. This website works like a search engine for free images. You simply have to put down the key word and you’ll have thousands of results from various sources, available in a matter of seconds.


Stock Vault

Stock Vault contains a vast number of images under different licenses. While some are free for commercial and public use, some are strictly marked to be used only for personal and educational use. This website gives the freedom to the creator of the images to choose under which category they want their images to be used.


The advantages of using free stock images are endless: they enhance your work, they are lighter on the pocket, and attract a larger audience. Even if you simply choose a generic vector image to pair with your content, it will have a huge visual impact on your whole body of work.


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