7 Facebook Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Facebook Marketing provides an amazing way for businesses to reach their target audience, engage customers and grow their business. Here are 7 Facebook Marketing Tips you can use to Grow your Business


7 Facebook Marketing Tips to Grow your Business


1. Time your Facebook Posts to suite your Audience

Timing is the key to driving engagement on Facebook. It’s important to post your updates at the right time of the day and the right days of the week, to get the conversation going and boost audience engagement.

The first step is to understand your audience and then find the suitable days of the week and time of the day to post your updates. For example, the suitable time to target B2B customers will be different from that for college students.

According to a research by QuickSprout, Thursday & Friday are the best days to post on Facebook. What time should you post Facebook updates? It turns out that if you want people to share your posts, you should post them at 1PM. If you want them to click on your posts, you should post them at 3PM. These can vary according to industry, but the broader suggestion is to post between 9AM-7PM on weekdays, to get the most engagement.

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2. Use Images in Your Posts – Keep it light on Text

It’s a fact that Facebook and Instagram favor Images over Text. You can see it yourself – how facebook news feed has evolved over the years. Few years back, it used to be all text-based updates. Today Facebook offers more screen space for images. If you post multiple images in your post, it even creates a special image gallery or an image carousel for you. It’s been found that photos receive 53% more likes than average post and 84% more clicks. Here are some Facebook Marketing tips to boost audience engagement using Images:

  • Use images of people instead of products & things
  • Use lifestyle images of people doing things instead of just their DP or profile pictures.
  • Image galleries & carousels are better than individual photos. They help you tell a better story. So post multiple images at once. Read our complete step-by-step guide to Facebook Carousel Ads to create stunning carousel ads using images & videos.
  • People love nostalgic images. Use it to your advantage

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3. Run contests and sweepstakes on your Facebook Page

Who doesn’t love freebies and giveaways? Everyone is excited by the thrill of winning something for free.

According to a survey by Wishpond, the top reasons why people like a Business Page is for a discount/promotion (34%) or free giveaways (21%).

There are various incentives to hosting a contest on Facebook. You can:

  • Increase fan base through like-gating
  • Boost traffic when users share your contest with their friends
  • Generate user-generated content and conversations
  • Grow email list if you collect emails for contest participation

There are many Free Facebook Marketing Tools that allow you to run contests on your Facebook Business Page.


4. Crowdsource answers

Another Facebook Marketing Tip is to host opinion polls and surveys about topics that your audience and customers are passionate about. Check out the kind of comments posted on your timeline and blog to understand what they like. The easiest way to increase Facebook engagement is to start a conversation about something that your fans and followers have ideas & opinions about. Here are some of the ways to engage users:

  • Ask for customer testimonials
  • Get user feedback on a new product feature or service update
  • Ask ideas about how to improve your product or service
  • Ask users to post photos of them using your product
  • Ask what your customers want, what problems they face
  • Ask them questions to create case studies, tell them you’ll publish it on your site and link back to their site.

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5. Boost Your Posts

With so many blogs and bloggers out there, it’s just not enough to produce great content, you need to also promote it to the right audience. Facebook provides a great way to promote your post for a reasonable fee, depending on your target audience and the reach you want. Basically you pay Facebook to display your post higher up on your audience’s News Feed. Here are some of the factors to consider while boosting a post:

  • Are you targeting the right audience? Facebook recommends targeting a small niche instead of going wide.
  • Does it promote your product or service?
  • Does it increase brand awareness about your business?
  • Will it drive a visit to your website?

If you are only after likes, shares & comments for your post, then it’s not advisable to boost it.

Boosting your posts also provides a good ball park about how much Facebook Advertising Costs and will help you optimize costs when you create Facebook Advertising Campaigns.  You can take a look at our list of Facebook Advertising Tips to get most from your Facebook Ad Campaigns. You can also publish your top performing posts as Facebook Instant Articles to increase reach and engagement.

If you also use Instagram for Business, you can similarly create Instagram Ads from Facebook Ads Manager.

Ensure that your Images are as per Facebook Ad Specs and Image Size Guidelines so that they are not cropped, or appear blurry. If you’re interested in Facebook Retargeting, you can also read our Complete Guide to Facebook Remarketing Ads.


6. Analyze Audience Insights

It’s super important to analyze the results of your Facebook Marketing efforts. The activities such as shares, comments, likes, and other type of engagements on your Facebook business page generate a lot of valuable data that you can use to understand your audience and find out what they like.

Facebook already provides an “Audience Insights” tool for every Business Page that helps you understand your audience and target this demographic. You can also look at the people who share, like and comment up on your posts to understand your audience better – their background & interests.

You can also analyze your posts to find out which type of posts drive most engagement and what topics they belong to. You should not only look what topics they like but also find out the content format (articles, infographics, videos, webinars, etc) they like. This will tell you what kind of content your audience responds to, so that you can produce more of it.

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7. Provide Useful Content

Most people may suggest you to produce unique and fresh content. But we feel it’s important to produce content that is useful – content that informs the audience and/or solves a problem for them. They’ll thank you for it and happily share it with their friends.

However, always use your own voice when your produce your content. That’s what your audience will remember your brand for. Don’t try to build yet another Mashable or HubSpot Business Page.

Useful content written in your unique voice will help your brand stand apart.

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Have you used any of the above Facebook Marketing Tips? Share your experience with us.

Please feel free to share more Facebook Marketing Tips as comments.