7 Email Blast Examples to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

Studying Email Blast Examples provides many good ideas and inspiration that you can use to optimize your email marketing activities, and reach your customers in a very short time, inform them about latest business updates, promotions and offers. Here are 7 Email Blast Examples to give you ideas for your next Email Marketing Campaign

Email Blast Examples for your next Email Marketing Campaign

1. Brickell

Brickell Men’s Products makes high performing & natural grooming products for men. Here’s their email blast example that’s a great way to capture reader attention. It has a clear Call to action (CTA) – “Share with Friends Now”- and an enticing pre-header – “Earn $10 credit when you refer a friend”. People will surely be tempted to open it.

brickell email blast example

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2. Loom Decor

Here’s another great Email marketing example from Loom Decor, a design-it-yourself home decor shopping experience. The CTA (Give $25, Get $25) is so huge and simple to understand. Their orange referral button is easily visible in the white background.

loom decor email blast example

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3. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical provides 24×7 Personal Emergency Response Systems like life alert and medical alarm systems. They have really amazing email blast example for their referral program. It clearly explains what the email is about, right upfront. It quickly explains their referral program in just 2 lines and lists the steps you need to take to refer your friend. Their cartoons are inviting and their “Refer-a-friend” button is prominent at the bottom.

bay alarm email blast example

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4. Coveroo

Coveroo sells custom pre-designed covers for phones, tablets & laptops. It provides another effective email blast example that you can use in your next email marketing campaign. Their clear CTA and images of friends using one of their products (phone cover) is really inviting and persuades you to click their large “Refer a Friend” button.

coveroo email blast example

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5. MeUndies

MeUndies delivers premium quality underwear, loungewear and socks. Their email blast example is quite effective. Its background image hints at sharing things. They have a prominent CTA and clear “Refer a Friend” button. In fact, they have placed it twice so you don’t miss it – once overlaying the image, and once after the referral steps. They also have listed the referral steps concisely so you know what you need to do to refer your friend.

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6. Prize Candle

Prize Candle sells eco-friendly candles in which you can place gemstone rings whose value can be anywhere from $10 to $5,000. Their Email Blast Example uses a bright pink button, which stands out, with a very enticing text “Start Earning” on it. Who wouldn’t like to click on it? Their CTA is very simple and straight forward. Refer a friend, you get $10, your friend gets $10. Also, their background image invokes a sense of serenity that you get when you light candles.

prize candle email blast example

7. Smart Things

Smart Things allows you to connect to various smart devices such as locks, lights, thermostats in your home with their app. Their Email Marketing Example features a clean, minimalist layout. The 2 key points in their message – “we’ll give you $20” and “share the love” –  are nicely highlighted. Unlike other email blast examples, they haven’t provided any social media icons, or additional links such as “About”, “Contact Us”. This removes any kind of visual distraction and improves click through rate of the email.

smart things email blast example

The above email blast examples show that there is a common trend to creating a great email marketing campaign:

  1. Use catchy subject lines. About 33% of users decide if they want to open your email based on subject line alone.  For example, the subject line “15% Off on Nike Sneakers Till Tomorrow!” is better than “Buy Nike Shoes at discounted prices”
  2. Use an attractive pre-text header. Pre-text header is the text that email providers like GMail show alongside email subject when you open your inbox. They appear even on mobile email inboxes
  3. Keep your CTA simple and display it prominently. You need to tell the user how he stands to benefit by referring a friend. Mention financial incentives, if any. For e.g Get $10 for every referral
  4. Use a large button with prominent colors for share offer/refer friend  links.
  5. Avoid unnecessary distractions such as social sharing icons, and additional links to your website (About Us, Contact, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy)
  6. Use an email marketing software that provides tons of optimized & beautiful email templates and image library that you can use in your email marketing campaigns. Check out our list of Best Welcome Email Templates to grow your business.

Here’s a simple Infographic by Friendbuy that illustrates the points

email marketing example

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Do you have any email marketing examples you’d like to share with us?

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