7 Best Free Keyword Density Tools for SEO

Keyword Density Tools enable you to automatically calculate the keyword density of each word and phrase in your content so you can quickly check if you have over-used/under-used any target keywords and search phrases in your content.

Keyword density continues to be one of the most import SEO ranking factors, although it may not be as important as it was a couple of years back. Nevertheless, if your content has low keyword density, it won’t rank well for your target keywords and search phrases. On the other hand, if it has high keyword density, then your website may get penalized for keyword spamming or over optimization. So it’s important to maintain the right keyword density to balance your keywords. Here are 7 Best Free Keyword Density Tools to help you track keyword density and optimize your content to rank better in search engines.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the percent of times a keyword occurs in your content. For example, if your target keyword “marketing” occurs 20 times in your web page with 1000 words, then its keyword density is 2% (20 /1000 %). However, if your target keyword “online marketing” occurs 20 times in your web page of 1000 words, then its keyword density is 4% (20 X 2/1000 %). This is because “online marketing” contains 2 words and its each occurrence is counted twice. Here’s the keyword density formula:

Keyword density percentage = no. of times keyword phrase occurs in your content / total number of words in your content

It’s advisable to maintain your keyword density in range of 1-2.5%.


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7 Best Free Keyword Density Tools for SEO

Here are 7 Tools to analyze keyword density of your content

1. SEOBook’s Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

SEOBook provides an amazing free keyword density tool that we use regularly to optimize our content. It allows you to check keyword density by proving URL, or pasting HTML/Plain Text content. It provides tons of useful configuration options to check keyword density in a variety of ways. For example, you can include/exclude page title, meta tag keywords and meta description from keyword density calculation. You can also set minimum word length as well as minimum occurrences.

seobook keyword density tools

SEOBook’s keyword density analyzer provides a fairly accurate calculation of keyword density, and even provides separate keyword density values for images, body, headlines and links. This enables you to properly optimize your content.

We love it, and highly recommend it!


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2. Live Keyword Density Analysis

Live Keyword Density Analysis is an easy-to-use and powerful keyword analyzer for SEO. All you need to do is enter the target keyword or search phrase and paste your content, and it will automatically calculate the keyword density for you. You can track the keyword density of up to 3 keywords at a time. You can also edit your content and the tool will automatically update the keyword density values on the fly.

Live Keyword Analysis tool


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3. WebConfs Keyword Density Checker

WebConfs provides another free keyword density checker that makes it easy to quickly check keyword density and word count in your content. It also provides something called a keyword cloud for your web page. A keyword cloud is similar to a tag cloud, it’s a visual depiction of keywords present on your page, with the most frequent keywords displayed as large fonts. Ideally, your main target keywords should appear in larger fonts, followed by long-tail keyword phrases.

webconfs keyword density tools

You can only check keyword density for web page URLs. It doesn’t support keyword density calculation for plain text. However, its keyword calculation is fairly accurate, and removes common stop words before keyword analysis.


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4. Keyword Density Checker by Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is one of the most popular SEO tools and services providers. Their most well known tool is the backlink checker tool that enables you to discover all the backlinks to your website, along with their attributes and page rank.

Their keyword density analyzer allows you to calculate keyword density for both URLs as well as plain text. Just like SEOBook’s keyword density checker, this tool also allows you to include/exclude title, meta tags and alt texts for keyword density calculation. You can also check keyword density for long tail keywords and set the maximum word count.

Smallseotools Keyword Density Checker


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5. Marketing Ninjas Keyword Density Tools

Marketing Ninjas is a well known provider of internet marketing tools, services and communities. They also provide a free keyword density analysis tool that allows you to easily calculate keyword density in your web page URLs. You just need to type or paste a full URL in the text box to get the keyword density analysis of that page. Their keyword density checker provides a detailed keyword analysis report about the text content on your page, that includes total number of words on page, number of linked words, number of non-linked words, number of stop words or short words in non-linked text, and more. It’s a great keyword density analysis tool.

marketing ninjas keyword density checker


6. Keyword Density Checker by SEOCentro

Keyword Density Checker by SEO Centro is another great keyword analysis tool that makes it easy to check keyword density by just providing your web page URL. Like other keyword tools, you can include/exclude titles and meta tags in keyword density analysis. You can even ask it to check keyword density of numeric keywords.

seocentro Keyword Rank Checker


7. Rank NL Keyword Density Analyzer

Ranks NL provides a keyword density analyzer that you can use for free for 1 year. Their paid plans start from $12.49/month. In fact, it’s a bundle of page analyzer, article analyzer, and multi page analyzer that allows you to analyze keyword density for both web pages as well as text content.

ranks nl keyword checker


Their keyword density analyzer enables you to find out if search engines can understand which keywords you’re targeting on your web page. It also helps you answer other keyword related questions such as :

  1. Does your content contain the keywords and phrases that you’re hoping to target?
  2. Is it clear to search engines that your web page focuses on your target keywords?
  3. Do key areas such as title & headlines contain target keywords?
  4. Are you keyword spamming, or over optimizing?

Ranks NL is a powerful and comprehensive keyword density analyzer that provides tons of useful SEO insights. You should definitely try the free version for a year to see if it helps grow your business.



Keyword Density Tools make it really easy to calculate keyword density for many different keywords, on your web page and plain text content. This enables you to properly optimize your content to rank better on search engines and drive more traffic. In fact, some of them even provide nifty configuration options to calculate keyword density using various criteria. The key is to evaluate each keyword density tool to see which one fits your requirements, before picking the one that suites you. We’ve been using SEOBook’s keyword density tools for that past 4 years and are very happy with it.


What is your favorite keyword density analysis tool?