7 Adwords Campaign Examples to Create Highly Effective Google Ads

Going through Google Adwords Campaign Examples can help you understand what it takes to create a highly converting display ad for your business and refine your PPC Ad campaigns. These days, creating Google Adwords Ads can be a challenge. With so many businesses competing for such a small Ad space, how do you make your Google Ad stand out? Here are 7 Adwords Campaign examples to create highly effective & profitable Google Ads, increase your click-through rates, improve Ad quality score and conversion rate.


Adwords Campaign Examples to Create Highly Effective Google Ads

1. Understand User Problem

The most important tip to write great Google Ads is to clearly understand your target customer’s problem. What problem is your target customer facing? How does your product or service solve it? What do people want to accomplish with your product or service?

Once you understand your user’s problem, the trick is to simply write that your product fixes it, provided your product or service actually solves the problem. Avoid false advertising.

Here’s an example, let’s say you sell acne products. Your target customers will search for “acne products”, “how to get rid of acne”, “which products remove acne”, etc.

Basically, your target customers want to get rid of acne. That’s why they’re searching for an acne product. So your Ad shouldn’t ask them questions like “Dealing with Acne?”. You both know that they are. Instead you should simply mention that your product helps them “Get rid of acne once & for all”, “Remove acne forever”, or “Kill Acne forever”.

Here’s an ad campaign example,

adwords campaign examples

People don’t care about the features provided by your product or service. They care about how it can benefit them, solve their problem.


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2. Create a sense of urgency

Generally, people don’t like missing out on great deals or offers. It’s called the fear of missing out (FOMO). Another way to make your Ad grab attention and drive clicks is to add a sense of urgency in them. You can do that by adding a countdown in your Ads (e.g, 4 days left, 10 hours left, etc). So how to add a countdown in your Google Ads?

Google Adwords allows you to add a simple countdown timer that you can set in your text ads. All you have to do is add a little snippet “{=” (without quotes) in the headline or description of your ad. You’ll immediately see the following popup.

google adsense countdown timer

Once you set an end date, your ads will immediately include a countdown in real-time. Visitors will be motivated by the fear of missing out, and click your Ad, instead of clicking on your competitor’s Ad which may not appear urgent without a countdown.

Here’s an example of what an Ad countdown looks like:

google countdown search

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3. Talk about latest trends in your Google Ads

Who doesn’t like to keep a tab on the latest news and trends? Freshness inherently gives a sense of relevance and excitement. The same thing is true about your Google Ads.

When you create a Google Ads Campaign, make it sound timely and current. For example, look at the 2 ad campaigns below and guess which one performed better.

google adwords campaign examples #3

According to Wordstream, the second ad received a 217% increase in their CTR and 23% improvement in their conversion rates. That’s because the second Ad tells you how their product helped customers in the recent past.

There are couple of other possible reasons that contributed to its spectacular performance:

  1. It mentions how it benefited the customers recently. This shows that the product or service has active customers.
  2. It talks about a benefit (e.g save money) at a current time, instead of mentioning features like the first Ad (Tax Preparation Services).


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4. Use Numbers to increase credibility

Another tip to make your Google Ad Stand out is to use specific numbers about your business performance. Numbers are easy to understand and analyze. People rely on numbers to fact-check things and answer their skepticism. Numbers add credibility to your Google Ads.

In the above example, there’s another reason why the second Ad did better. It specifically mentions the amount of money its customers have saved, while the first one doesn’t.

Let’s look at the 2 Google ads below. Which one do you performed better?

adwords campaign example 4

The second Ad received 88% more clicks than the first one. It happened probably because the numbers in the second Ad made it more credible.

In fact, it’s been proven that specificity adds credibility and numbers are a great way to make your ads specific. For example, specific numbers like 1,512 are more likely to drive clicks to your site that rounded numbers like 1,500.


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5. Personalize your Ad

You must have heard this several times by now – personalize every piece of content you have, as much as possible. Whether it’s your website, mobile app, email, newsletters or even blog posts.

Same holds true for your Ad copy. Ideally, it’s best to use the customer’s name in your Ad, the way you do it in your email. However, since you can’t use a visitor’s name in your Google Ad at the moment, you should use words like “You” to personalize your Ad Copy. Look at the ads below. Which one do you think will drive most click-throughs ?

adwords campaign example 5

The first 2 ads have clearly personalized Ad copy and are more engaging. Most people are always looking for what your product or service can do for them, and not what your product or service does, or how many awards it has won.

However, there is one case where the 3rd Ad might work. If your target customers are late adopters who typically makes a list of all available products in the market before evaluating them, or you’re in a competitive market with many alternatives available, then they might be tempted by the awards and features you’ve mentioned.


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6. Localization is the key

Most advertisers create a generic Ad copy and use it to target multiple cities, or even the whole nation. Even if your product or service is available all over the world, it’s always better to create geography specific ads.

It means adding location name in your headline or text, setting up location based campaigns/adgroups for your city/state and creating location specific Ad copies.

You can even go a step further by providing local phone numbers in your copies, instead of the usual 800 or 1-800 numbers you see on most Ads. This assures the customer that if things go south with your product or service, help is nearby.

Did you know that using local phone numbers can double your conversion rate? It’s totally worth the extra effort.

adwords example local numbers

7. Keep Testing

Just like with every online marketing tool, your Adwords Performance will improve only if you constantly keep testing your ads with these Adwords Campaign examples and your own ideas, analyzing and refining them. One tip to test Ad campaigns effectively is to change only 1 thing at a time. For e.g, either create a countdown timer or add a specific number in Ad copy. Don’t do both together, else you won’t know what worked and what didn’t.


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Hopefully, the above Google Adwords Campaign Examples will help you optimize your Google Ads, boost ppc click-throughs and drive adwords conversion rate.


Do try them out and share your experience with us. If you have any Adwords campaign examples or tips to improve Google Adwords Campaign, please share them as examples.


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