6 Best Email Tracking Software to Grow Your Business

Email is one of the most personal and effective ways to reach your target audience, nurture leads and grow your business. However, unless you know whether your emails are being opened or not, you can’t determine if your email marketing strategy is effective. That’s where Email Tracking Software comes in. Email Tracking Tools enable you to track email opens and click-throughs and provide useful insights about what type of emails are opened most often, what type of links drive most clicks, which audience segment is most responsive and the best time to send emails. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily refine your emails and grow your business faster. Here are 6 Best Email Tracking Software that you can use for your business.


How does Email Tracking Work?

Email Tracking Software places a tiny invisible pixel in your email before sending it to your recipients. When people open your email, it loads this image, which in turn sends information back to the email tracking tool, and to you. However, it’s important to note that email tracking software won’t work if:

  1. Users have installed ad blockers on their browsers
  2. Images are blocked. Many users haven’t set images to load by default, and they may simply close emails that contain images

Nevertheless, email tracking tools provide an amazing way to A/B test email copy and monitor email campaign performance.


6 Best Email Tracking Software to Grow Your Business


1. Yesware

Yesware is one of the best and most popular email tracking software available today. It’s an amazing tool for small and medium businesses, email marketers and sales people, that allows you to track your emails and increase open rate & click through rates.

yesware email tracking software

Yesware is really easy-to-use and has tons of features. All you need to do is simply download the Chrome extension and connect it to your email account. While composing emails, you can choose whether to track each email. You can also integrate it with your CRM systems. Yesware not only tells you if your email was opened, it also tells you which recipients opened it, what links they clicked, and which attachments they downloaded. It allows you to create email templates, and even provides email open rates and click-through rates for each template. This helps you know what type of email is most effective.

yesware email tracking gmail


It also provides automated follow up emails and email scheduling features that make it super easy to manage your emails.

yesware email tracking example

Yesware provides email tracking for GMail & Outlook, and is available for Chrome & Firefox browsers. It offers a 28-day free trial with paid plans starting from $12/month.


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2. Contact Monkey

Contact Monkey also provides an amazing email tracking software for Outlook & GMail that enables you to track & monitor sales emails, and integrate with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, to nurture sales leads.

It not only tells you who opened your email, but also when, from where, using what device, and even provides desktop notifications about it.

contact monkey email tracking tool


Contact Monkey also provides a robust dashboard that enables you to sort users based on number of times they’ve opened your emails, as well as gives you the open rates and click-through rates for each email template.

contact monkey dashboard


You can use it directly from within your GMail & Outlook Inbox on Chrome & Firefox browsers. Contact Monkey provides a 14-day free trial with paid plans starting from $10/user/month, if paid annually.


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3. ToutApp

ToutApp is another awesome email tracking app for generating and nurturing sales leads, and driving more revenues for your business. Like other email tracking software, it provides real-time insights about who opened your emails, which links have been clicked, and what attachments have been downloaded. ToutApp also tells you which of your emails haven’t been delivered and why. This helps you track emails that bounced or have been marked as spam.

toutapp email tracking app

ToutApp also provides amazing sales analytics tools that actually analyzes your emails, calls, calendar events and even CRM data to discover patterns and correlations, and generate insightful reports for your business.

toutapp email tracking gmail


Like other tools, ToutApp also integrates with popular CRM Software like Salesforce. It provides a 14-day free trial with paid plans starting from $49/user/month.


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4. MailTrack

If you’re looking for a simple, powerful & free email tracking software, without all the bells & whistles provided by other email tracking tools, then MailTrack is the way to go. MailTrack’s free version makes it super easy to track email opens for unlimited number of emails, if that’s all what you’re looking for. It shows a checkmark next to opened emails, and if you hover over them, you’ll see when they were opened.

mailtrack email tracking tools

MailTrack’s free plan does, however, add a “Sent with MailTrack” signature to your emails, and you’ll need to upgrade your account to get rid of it.

mailtrack signature


In fact, if you upgrade to their plan of $4.92/month, you’ll get real-time notifications, and be able to track links, set reminders. You’ll also be able to monitor emails using a web-based dashboard, instead of using checkmarks besides your email. If you upgrade to $6/month plan, you can even track email opens from multiple recipients at one place.



5. Newton Mail

Newton Mail is an amazing & affordable email tracking software that provides tons of useful features. You can get read receipts for your emails, and see user profile of email recipients. You can schedule emails, and even un-send them within a short tie of hitting the send button. It also allows you to integrate with various third party tools such as Evernote and Pocket.

newton mail email tracking software


However, Newton Mail adds a “via Newton Mail” signature to your emails, which may indicate to your email recipients that their emails are being tracked.

newton mail email tracking tool


Newton Mail is available for Apple, iOS, and Android. It provides a 14-day free trial with paid plans starting from $50/year.


6. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a cloud-based Email Tracking Tool that allows you to get more things done with GMail & Outlook. In addition to email tracking, it also provides many other useful features such as Mail Merge, Attachment Tracking, Email Scheduling, Open Notifications and more. It provides a wide range of tools that enable you to easily organize and manage your sales process, and close more deals faster.

saleshandy email tracking software tool


They offer a 14-day free trial with paid plans starting at $7/user/month.



Email tracking tools provide an amazing way to get valuable feedback about the email subject line, message, links, target audience, and even days & times to send emails. Such useful insights make it easy to understand what’s working & what isn’t, refine your sales emails, target the right audience, and grow your business quickly. Most tools provide email tracking for GMail & Outlook. The key is to try out each email tracking software to see which one suites your requirements.

Which is your favorite email tracking software?