5 Ways How Small Businesses Can Attract Leads with Content Marketing

If you believe in the power of content, and still spend sleepless nights wondering how your small business can attract leads with content marketing, you are on the right track! Content marketing is one of the most effective and cost efficient methods to generate leads. Moreover, the leads that you collect with great content marketing will most likely convert to paid customers.

While proving your expertise and trustworthiness while marketing your content, you are also establishing a relationship at the same time with a sales prospect. While we must have heard it being said in almost every industry that ‘content is king’, we do not truly understand how and why that is the case. Content is the fastest and easiest method to get noticed in the eyes of your target customers. This is why many companies are increasing their investment in content creation and content marketing.

WebDAM found that businesses and B2B marketers generate an average of 67% more leads upon blogging constantly and that has been proved time and again.

Listed below are 5 ways by which small businesses can attract leads with content marketing:

Study, research and figure out what your target customer needs

Extensive research is required to find out what your target customer is looking for, and also to understand what your competitors are doing and where they are lacking, or where they are ahead of you. Good and thorough research will help you understand the industry requirements and help create a strategy to develop better content than what your competitors are providing. Once you know what your target customers want, make sure you exceed their expectations.

Google Keywords Planner tool is an awesome tool to understand the search volumes of your potential posts. Once you have a target keyword for your post, look at the number of times people have been searching for that keyword on an average each month. Determine if writing on those topics will drive more qualified traffic to your website or not before deciding to spend your valuable time writing it.

In order to know where or which site your target customers go in order to get similar content, browse using a set of target keywords on the search engines. The websites that appear most frequently in the top slot are probably the sites that your target customers are visiting.

Spend some time studying your analytics and to find out which of the content you create is most read, getting maximum pageviews. Try and find which article had visitors spending maximum time reading the content. If it’s a good content, the average duration of a visit will be very high.


Pay attention to landing pages

Most of us already know that all landing pages are not created equal. While most of the landing pages don’t do well, some of them stand out. Example: the one that got $1 million.

Econsultancy has pointed out that only one out of every five marketers is happy with their conversion rate.
There are innumerable landing pages that fail to maximize leads and convert them into customers.

Before you go on to make a landing page, figure out the structure of the perfect landing page. It must have a captivating headline, and a strong and influencing first paragraph. You must then focus on building and holding the interest of the reader until the end.

While the look and feel of the page influences to an extent, it is the content quality that needs focus as we are looking for qualified leads and not just any visitor.

Needless to say, the landing page must also be fast to load. Recent figures by KISSmetrics show that even a delay of one second in landing page load time is likely to reduce the conversion rate by 7%. It is hence imperative that your landing page is extremely fast. This is one of the most important ways to attract leads with content marketing.

Emails are powerful

Emails are certainly more influential than social media marketing as far as customer retention is concerned. Email in fact supersedes social media by 20%. An email is undoubtedly one of the best ways to attract leads.

As per Pardot, 43% of marketers have an email team comprising of 2 or 3 people. 73% of marketers are of the opinion that email is crucial to their business marketing plans. However, the power of social media marketing cannot be overlooked either.

Today, most people use their mobiles and smartphones to browse the internet. As per the recent report published by Litmus, one of the best sources for email marketing stats, email’s performance has grown by a 500% since the past four years.

Spend time writing case studies

Case studies have become an awesome tool for many small businesses. According to Content Marketing Institute Report, small B2B marketers think that case studies is one of the best and effective content marketing strategy to generate leads and to nurture prospects. It is one of the many best ways to attract leads with content marketing.
Writing case studies will win you attention from your target customers and they will start seeing you as authentic and authoritative.

Facebook, another tool to attract leads with content marketing

Facebook Ads Manager is another very important tool to generate leads. It is also very helpful since you can target the audience that views your ads based on their demographics.

Using Facebook Ad Manager, you can target your advertisements based on location, age, gender, behaviors, interests, relationships, job profiles, and more. This is one of the most effective ways to attract leads with content marketing as it allows you to reach out to the people you want to.


It is easy to start writing content. But, it is difficult to win the confidence of audiences that will trust you enough to become your consumers. It is hence imperative that you focus on your target customer’s needs in order to attract leads with content marketing.