5 Tips to Increase Website Traffic Fast Today

Everybody wants to increase website traffic fast. Those in this business will know that trying to increase site traffic is like running a marathon! However, all of us need a quick traffic boost from time to time.

Imagine if you are told that you can increase website traffic in just a day or a week? Well, yes, you read it right!

Listed below are 5 quick tips to increase your site traffic fast and quickly:


Get 10 Good Writers to Blog for You

Have guest writers to write for your website is a very smart way to get traffic. Some of the many benefits include time-saving since you will be getting somebody else to write for you), and getting noticed (bloggers will share their articles with maximum people).

Your brand too grows since everybody knows that sites that are performing badly do not get any guest writers.


Schedule Your Tweet Post At least Six Times a Day

Many people who share their post on Twitter believe that they must not over share their content. After sharing their articles on the day it’s published, they might post it again on Twitter a few days later. They then leave it at that.

However, as per research, the second tweet of the same post performs 86% better than your first tweet does. In fact, even your sixth tweet performs 67% better. Now, every tweet has a lifespan of not more than 24 minutes. It is unlikely that anyone will be so glued to Twitter that they will notice your tweet time and time again. You must hence take advantage of that and boost your traffic.

Tools like CoSchedule and Hootsuite will allow you to schedule the posts at regular intervals. Bulk upload your tweets and schedule them at specific timings throughout the day or week. Adding an image to the post will give you better results.


Facebook Remarketing to Increase Website Traffic Fast

Did you know that Facebook is a great way to promote and increase website traffic fast, whether you are in the B2B or B2C industry?

You can actually set up remarketing audiences in Facebook by installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your site. This way, you can market to consumers who have already visited your site.

This is a great technique to create return traffic to your website. In fact, you can begin remarketing to audiences as tiny as 100 visitors.


Offer an Incentive

You need to offer something of value for visitors to come to your site, and also to revisit it multiple times. Whether it is meaningful content that they truly need, or offers and gifts, providing incentives really help in increasing site traffic.

Apart from content, other incentives include running a contest or sweepstakes on your site. Here, you can offer something irresistible to your visitors.


Boost Your Reddit Karma

Reddit is undoubtedly an awesome platform to attract visitors to your site. But most people who have posted to Reddit know that the platform is not kind to those who come here to promote their work. They hate spam and that’s why you got to be careful with Reddit!

However, you might not have known that it is not at all difficult to get Redditor’s on your side. All you need to do is to become part of them, and that can be achieved by just spending 5 minutes daily on Reddit Karma!

Karma is what you acquire after posting useful links, or comments, that end up adding value to the subreddit. If you have more Karmas, you will find more people trusting your links.

Check out Ryan Stewart’s guest post and Robbie Richards blog to get a better idea.



The 5 tips mentioned above will most certainly help increase website traffic fast, almost instantly. Try it out for yourself!