5 Key Landing Page Optimization Tips for PPC Marketing

Landing Page Optimization can boost your PPC conversion rates a lot. It can turn your website visitors into customers and increase your marketing ROI. Here are 5 key landing page optimization tips & best practices for PPC marketing to help you improve SEM strategy.


5 Key Landing Page Optimization Tips for PPC Marketing

Here are key landing page optimization tips for PPC marketing that you can use as landing page optimization checklist to increase conversion rates.


1. Deliver What You Claim in your PPC Ads

One of the easiest landing page optimization tips is to be genuine. Ensure that your landing pages actually offer what you claim in your Ads.

For example, if your PPC Ad copy talks about a specific job opening, then your landing page must contain details about that position. It cannot be about a recruitment software that you are trying to sell them.┬áDon’t try bait-and-switch. It doesn’t work.

Also, make sure that the call-to-action on your landing page is same as that in your Ads. For example, if you ask viewers to signup in your Ad copy, then make sure that your landing page contains a sign up form. Don’t make them to submit email and download stuff.

In short, your landing pages should simply be a natural extension of your SEM ads.


2. Answer the Key Concerns of your Target Customer

One of the most important landing page optimization tips is to address customer concerns. Every prospective customer will have a few questions about your product/service when they arrive at your website. What does it do? How does it work? Is it secure? How many customers do you have? How long has your company been around?

So make sure that you figure out 3-4 most important questions of your target customers and address them upfront on your landing page.

You can easily find them out by studying your competitors’ landing pages, or by visiting Q&A forums like Quora, where people look for product/service like yours.

You can also add a chat widget on your site, note all the questions you receive over 1 week and pick the most frequently asked questions.


3. List the benefits

What’s in it for me? People want to know why they should try your product/service. A feature list won’t help much. Clearly list 4-5 key benefits of using your product/service.

Also, mention 1-2 benefits of following your call-to-action. For example, do you offer any freebies if they ‘sign up’? Do you offer an ebook, if they subscribe?


4. Include Customer Testimonials

One of the most effective landing page optimization tips is to include customer testimonials on your landing pages. Did you know 72% of consumers read testimonials before buying a product/service?

Include 1-2 customer testimonials on your landing pages, especially which describe how your product/service helped them.

Every business has a variety of customers, and gets many testimonials. However, include testimonials from only those people whose background matches that of your target audience.

For example, if your target audience is a web developer or freelancer, then don’t include testimonial of a CEO. People will think that your product/service is not meant for them and leave.


5. Fix Your Forms

Don’t go with the garden variety forms available in your website builder or framework. Build forms that are interactive, engaging and easy to fill.

There are so many websites you use everyday. Study how their forms are structured. Do they ask for all information at one go? Or is it spread across multiple pages? Does it have autofill? Does it support ‘Sign up as…’ option?

Can you eliminate any form fields? Where should it be placed? Is your CTA button clearly visible? Does your form have too much text?

Look at what others are doing, and try out different things on your form? Keep testing different ideas, and measuring conversion rates.


Hopefully, the above landing page optimization tips can help you build high-converting landing pages for your clients.


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