5 Key Facebook Metrics Every Marketer Should Track Regularly

Facebook Metrics enable you to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns and monitor their performance so you can optimize them quickly.

Today, Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms to reach your target audience and grow your business. But, how do you know if Facebook Marketing is working out for your business in the first place ? Unless you know what’s working and what isn’t, Facebook Marketing is simply a matter of guesswork. That’s where Facebook Metrics come in. Facebook Metrics are the key performance indicators that enable you to track the performance of your Facebook posts and page so that you can quickly build your Facebook audience. Here are 5 Key Facebook Metrics that social media marketers must monitor regularly, to optimize their Facebook Marketing Strategy.


5 Key Facebook Metrics to Grow your Business

Here are the most important Facebook metrics to track the performance of your Facebook Page and grow your audience.

1. Fan Reach

Fan Reach is the number of fans of your Facebook Page who have seen your post. It’s basically the organic reach of your post, and only counts the direct views of your content. Fan Reach doesn’t include the views due to the action of friends of your fans (through likes, comments & shares). They are included in viral views, described later below.

The Fan Reach metric is not directly visible in Facebook Audience Insights. You’ll have to download or export Facebook Insights Data to view it.

facebook metrics fan reach


facebook metrics export insights data


You’ll find it in the column “Lifetime Post reach by people who like your Page” in an excel file that you can download from Facebook Insights.

facebook metrics lifetime post reach


Fan Reach is perhaps the most important Facebook Metric. It enables you to track the organic reach of each post, and tells you what kind of content resonates with your audience, and what kind of audience views your posts. For example, if your fans are not interested in your content, they’ll most likely hide it from their news feeds. In other words, they’ll be effectively unsubscribed from your updates, due to Facebook’s Edge Rank algorithm which basically stops showing your updates to users who hide them. So Fan Reach is a key indicator of your Facebook Page performance. The easiest way to increase your Fan Reach is to produce high quality content that is interesting and relevant to your Facebook Fans.



2. Organic Reach

Organic Reach is the total number of Facebook users (fans + non-fans) who have viewed a post. Just like Fan Reach, Organic Reach doesn’t include the views due to the actions of friends of your Facebook fans.

The main difference between Fan Reach & Organic Reach is that the latter includes views from Facebook users who are not your fans but have accessed your post or Facebook Page.

Organic Reach is easily visible on Facebook Insights. Just scroll down to the list of posts, click “Reach Number” for each post, and hover on bar chart labeled “Organic”. You’ll see the organic reach of your post.

facebook metrics organic reach


You can use organic reach instead of Fan Reach, if there is not much difference between the two, for your content.

In fact, organic reach helps you understand how to increase your content’s organic visibility on Facebook. If your organic reach is very similar to fan reach, it means that not many non-fans are able to see your content. This may be because your Fan Page is not popular on other marketing channels, and is unable to attract new non-fan people to your content. So you’ll need to promote it via other channels too by, say, including its link in your email signatures and newsletters.



3. Engagement

According to Facebook, Engagement is the number of users who have clicked on your post. It includes people who have liked, shared and commented on your posts. It also includes people who have clicked the photos and videos in your Facebook updates & posts. In fact, engagement even includes people who have clicked a commentator’s name, liked a comment, clicked your page name, and even reported your post.

Basically, engaged users are all those people who have clicked any aspect of your post, from anywhere. While reach tells you how many people viewed your content, engagement tells you how many users interacted with your content.

Engagement metrics can be found right next to the reach number for each post. You can go to Facebook Insights and scroll down to list of Facebook posts. For each post, you’ll see its engagement numbers, under the Engaged Users column.

facebook metrics engaged users


Engagement is the second most important Facebook Metric that marketers should track regularly. It’s not enough to simply show your updates to people. It’s also important that they engage your audience. For example, many times, users just scroll past your content on their newsfeed. Although this is counted as organic reach, it hardly generates any interest among your audience. That’s why it’s important to find out if they engaged with your content, however it may be, whether it’s a like, share, a comment, or something passive like viewing a video or photo.

In fact, you should combine engagement with reach and track something even more powerful – engagement rate. Engagement rate is the percent of reached users who have engaged with your content.

facebook metrics engagement rate


This will tell you if you got good engagement due to the quality of your posts, or simply because it reached more people.


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4. People Talking About This

“People Talking About This” is the total number of people who have liked, shared and commented up on a post. It’s included as a part of Engagement metric above. However, it only includes people who have taken one of the 3 actions namely like, share, and comment.

The main difference between this metric and engagement is that “People talking about this” shows the number of people who took an action to demonstrate engagement, to their friends.

You can easily find “People Talking About This” in Facebook insights, right next to the Engagement metrics, under the column Talking About This

facebook metrics people talking about this


This is the viral metric described earlier (in Fan Reach). Being able to spread the word about your business to the friends of your fans is a great incentive to create a Facebook Business Page. And “People Talking About This” is the best Facebook metric to track how many Facebook users are willing to publicize your business to their friends.



5. Click-through Rate

Click-through rate (CTR) is probably the most popular Facebook metric that most marketers are familiar with. It’s basically the number of people who have clicked a link in your content, watched a video, or simply enlarged your photo. It’s one of the most effective ways to measure audience interest in your content. Unless you’re really interested in a piece of content, you won’t click on a link, or watch a video or click a photo.

You can find CTR in Facebook Insights, by clicking on engaged users for a post. If your content is a link, it will appear as Link Clicks, if it is a video, it will appear as Video Plays, and if it is an image, it will say Photo Views.

facebook metrics click through rates


CTR is one of the most important metrics as it allows you to measure the number of website visitors driven by each link in your content as well as Facebook Ads, for that matter. By tracking conversion rates on your web pages, you can easily find out which type of Facebook posts drive most subscribers, sign ups, or even revenue for your business.


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Hopefully, these Facebook metrics will enable you to monitor & optimize your Facebook marketing campaigns. Facebook Insights provides tons of metrics and terminology that can be overwhelming and even counter productive, in some cases. The key is to track the right Facebook metrics, even if only a handful, to clearly understand the impact of your content and the performance of your Facebook Page. Facebook Insights already provides many key metrics about your Facebook page. If you feel the need to track more information, you can always use one of the Facebook Metrics Tools that are available online, to measure the most important Facebook Metrics for your Business.


Which Facebook Metrics do you track for your business?



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