5 Examples of Good Adwords Ads

It helps to study examples of good Adwords Ads as they give you ideas to write Google text ads that increase conversion rate and drive clicks. Here are some PPC text ads examples and Google Ads examples to help you create best Adwords Ads for PPC marketing.


5 Examples of Good Adwords Ads

Here are 5 examples of Good Adwords Ads that you can learn from and use their ideas in your own Ads.


1. Identify User’s End Goal

What are users trying to do when they search for a specific term. Determine what it is and use it in your Ad headline. That will instantly connect with your target audience.

Let’s say you run a dealership that buys used cars. What would your target audience be searching online? Something like “sell your car”?

Here’s the Ad copy of a company www.webuycars.com that clearly mentions that it is willing to buy the car.

examples of good adwords ad

Note that it doesn’t mention “sell your car”. It talks about buying your car, because that is what people are looking for, someone who will buy your car.


2. Create a Sense of Urgency

Nobody wants to miss out on a good offer. It’s called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Google Ads allows you to add automated countdown timers in your Ads to add an element of urgency and create a FOMO effect.

Here’s an example of a Google Ad that uses countdown timer to persuade people to make a purchase

google ad timer

Notice how the above Ad has a timer “4 days 14 hours” that adds a sense of urgency for the user and makes them click your Ad. Actually, Ads with a countdown timer get 32% more clicks.


3. Be Specific

Which of the following Ads do you think drove more clicks?

adwords marketing strategies


The second Ad got a whopping 88% more clicks compared to the first one. Why is that?

The lower Ad specifically mentions the number of marketing tests and strategic guides at their disposal.

So use numbers to add credibility and accuracy to your Ads as well as for landing page optimization. It allows people to clearly imagine your claims and get a sense of your business size and performance.


4. Personalize Your Ads

Peronalization is the simplest way to improve your SEM strategy. Personalize your Ad copy by using customer-centric words like You,Your instead of I, me, we.

You can use these words to answer the “what’s in it for me” that people typically have when they see your Ads.

Use You in your Ad headline and/or first description line. Here’s an example of personalized Google Adwords Ads. Which one would you click?

personalized ads


5. Use CTA overlay

Google Adwords provides many different call-to-action buttons such as purchasecall todayorderbrowsesign up, or get a quote to tell prospects what they need to do to proceed further.

A clear CTA gives users the next steps to take after they see your ad. And people are always tempted to click on buttons to see what happens. Also, it has a much greater impact than simply mentioning in your Ad headline.

Here’s one of the most effective examples of good Adwords Ads in action. See how Call CTA stands out in the Ad.

examples of good adwords ads


Hopefully, the above examples of good Adwords Ads will give you useful ideas and tips to drive more Ad clicks from your campaigns.


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