5 Content Marketing Tools for Every Content Marketer

Content Marketing Tools are a great way to amplify your content marketing efforts as well as boost your productivity. They help you with various content marketing activities such as building content marketing strategy, content creation, content promotion, and even content management.

Here are 5 Content Marketing Tools for every content marketer, whether you’re a beginner or an expert

5 Content Marketing Tools for Every Content Marketer

1. ClearVoice

clearvoice content marketing software

ClearVoice is a complete content marketing platform to help you with content creation and management. It provides a robust and flexible content marketing workflow software along with a content marketplace that enables business and content creators to work together collaboratively.

Its publisher communities enable companies to find bloggers, connect with content creators and influencers to create high quality content. ClearVoice provides a content intelligence platform that allows you to build a content marketing strategy around trending topics, and an interactive dashboard for content management and insights.

Content Creators can join ClearVoice’s marketplace as a contributor and build relationships. It’s a great place to find freelance blogging opportunities and content writing assignments, where you can set your own rate and preferences. Whether you’re a company looking for good content, or a content creator looking for meaningful freelance projects, ClearVoice is a great content marketing platform to be a part of.

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2. OutBrain

outbrain content marketing platform

OutBrain is an amazing content marketing solution that helps you with content publishing and distribution. You can use OutBrain to amplify your content reach, whether it’s a video, infographic, blog posts or other types of content.

The way it works is you pay OutBrain to display your content as suggested promoted content on popular national and local sites. Your content is displayed based on its relevance to the web page where it’s shown.

OutBrain Content Promotion Platform has a wide reach and can put your content in front of a large and highly relevant audience.

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3. HubSpot

hubspot content marketing solution

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing platform. It’s a comprehensive content marketing platform that helps you with Blogging, SEO and Social Media Marketing. HubSpot provides tons of features that allow to create and manage blog posts, landing pages and other content marketing campaigns.

HubSpot also helps you with Social Media Marketing by providing a post scheduling tool that allows to easily publish content to social media channels regularly. It also provides various types of analytics such as social media analytics and web analytics to monitor your content marketing campaigns.

HubSpot also has a popular and useful blog that constantly publishes whitepapers, best practices, research studies, informative blog posts and articles on social media and content marketing.

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4. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo content marketing tools

BuzzSumo is another great content marketing software that helps you with content creation and promotion. It’s a search engine that allows you to search for trending content for any topic, the influencers and online outlets that are getting the highest traction in any field. BuzzSumo helps you find new blog post ideas and topics that you can use to grow your own blog.

You enter a search term and BuzzSumo will list the highest ranking blog posts and articles about it, show the number of shares it has received on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. It also provides useful insights such who has shared each content and the number of backlinks it has received. You can even filter the search results by time, country, content type, language and more.

This helps you understand what type of content people like & share the most, and where your target audience is located. Based on these insights, you can optimize your content creation by modifying your existing content as well as find out more trending content topics and articles to write about.

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5. Copify

copify content marketing software

Copify is another fantastic content marketing solution that helps you find high quality copywriters whether it is for web content, blogs, e-commerce content, articles, press releases or even email marketing. Unlike other marketplaces,  Copify has a rigorous qualification process to select high qualified copywriters so you can expect hassle-free quality content in a short turnaround time. They have an on-demand, pay-as-you-go pricing that makes it flexible and worth a try.

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The right content marketing tools can simplify your content marketing efforts a lot – help you put out more high quality content quickly, and distribute it to a wider audience.

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Do you use any of the above content marketing tools? Share your experience with us.

If you’d like to suggest any content marketing software or tool that has helped you a lot, please share it as comments.


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