5 Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools for Social Media Marketing

The right Twitter Hashtag tracking tools can help you easily launch, track, manage and analyze Twitter hashtags for marketing campaigns, and optimize your social media marketing strategy. In fact, hashtags are a great way to increase the engagement and reach for your tweets. They make it easier for people to find your tweets and help you reach people other than your followers. It also helps you discover what’s trending and use them to promote your business.  Here are 5 Best Twitter hashtag tracking tools that you can also use for other social media platforms.


5 Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools for Social Media Marketing

Here are 5 Hashtag Tracking tools that allow you to see how many tweets a hashtag has, and respond to social media conversations in real-time.

1. RebelMouse

RebelMouse is an amazing social media marketing platform that provides robust Twitter hashtag tracking tools for your social media marketing campaigns. It can not only track and monitor hashtag conversations across multiple social media platforms, but also integrate well with Google Analytics, Social Sharing, RSS and content management platforms. It also provides the ability to embed a customizable RebelMouse social widget on your website to engage website visitors.

rebel mouse hashtag tracking tool

In fact, Burger King’s #SATISFRIED marketing campaign leveraged RebelMouse to pull in Instagram photos using hashtags, and display them on their website, to show how fans were engaging with their brand. People sharing your hashtag provides a great social proof and helps increase your brand reach a wider audience.

hashtag tracking example


2. TagBoard

TagBoard is another awesome Hashtag tracking tool that makes it easy to track all kinds of conversations – text, images, and videos – happening around a hashtag on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. TagBoard even displays them in a beautifully designed real-time web based dashboard that you can display on a TV screen in your office, events, venues and conferences.

tagboard hashtag tracking platform

In fact, Audi used TagBoard to monitor their 2013 Superbowl Ad for #Bravery, to pull in tweets, Instagram mentions and Facebook mentions around the hashtag, in real-time.

hashtag campaign example


3. TalkWalker

TalkWalker is a great Hashtag Tracking Tool that not only makes it easy to monitor and engage in conversations around social media hashtags, but also provides amazing analytics and reporting with useful social media insights. For example, TalkWalker provides key trends about gender distribution, sentiment analysis and geographic distribution for your target hashtags, as well as your competitors’ hashtags.

talkwalker hashtag analytics tools

You can easily sort, filter, analyze and chart hashtag performance using their tool. You can also export these charts and data in a variety of formats such as excel, csv, powerpoint and word to present & share your insights with your team, clients and partners.



4. Bundle Post

Bundle Post is an awesome social media curation and content marketing tool that enables you to search, curate, and schedule content for hashtag marketing campaigns. It even integrates well with third party social media management tools such as HootSuite, Buffer and others.

bundlepost hashtag tracking software

It has an amazing feature that automatically finds & replaces popular keywords in your content with hashtags. On the other hand, you can also type in your target hashtag, and Bundle Post will find all the relevant and interesting content around your hashtag from various social media platforms, just as popular content curation tools like BuzzSumo.



5. RiteTag

RiteTag is a great social media marketing tool that automatically adds relevant hashtags to your Facebook updates, Tweets and Google+ posts. It also analyzes those hashtags and creates a hashtag library for you, that you can use to add the best hashtags to your social media updates.

It even provides a browser extension that makes it easy to schedule social media updates using optimized hashtags from your hashtag library, from any website that you’re browsing. Here’s a demo :



Bonus Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools

The above Hashtag tracking tools enable you to track, monitor, manage and analyze hashtags across various social media platforms including Twitter. However, if you’re looking for only Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools, you can check out twitter specific tools like Tweet Binder and Twubs that allow you to analyze and filter Twitter conversations around hashtags.

Tweet Binder enables you to enter a hashtag and generate an in-depth social media report of twitter conversations, images, retweets, and links around your hashtag. You can even filter and group the report by influencers, media types and contributors.

tweetbinder twitter hashtag tracking


Twubs is basically a simply live stream of conversations around your hashtags. You enter a hashtag and Twubs will create a real-time feed of tweets about it. It even includes a pause button that allows you to pause the live stream update, in case you find it moving too quickly.

twubs twitter hashtag tracking


You can also check out our list of Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools for Social Media Marketing.



Hopefully, the above Twitter Hashtag Tracking tools enable you to create effective social media marketing campaigns, measure their impact, and optimize their performance to engage your target audience and grow your business. With the right Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools, you can easily discover the best hashtags for your social media marketing strategy, and analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns. They’ll enable you to see what’s working, increase Twitter engagement and reach, and also see what your competition is up to.

What do you do to find the best Twitter hashtags for your posts, and track Twitter hashtag performance? Have you used any Hashtag tracking tool? Share your experience as comments.