5 Best Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools for Social Media Marketing Campaign

Are you looking for Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools that can help you find top performing hashtags and monitor hashtag performance for your business? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ever since Twitter introduced Hashtags in 2009, it has spread like a wildfire. Hashtags make it super easy to search and group messages. In fact, Hashtags are just like keywords that you can use for your content marketing as well as social media strategy. But how do you find the most popular hashtags for your messages, see how many tweets a hashtag has, and monitor hashtag popularity over time ? Here are the 5 Best Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools to help you discover, manage and analyze hashtags for your business. Some of them even support hashtag tracking for Instagram and other social media platforms.


5 Best Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools for Social Media Marketing


1. Hashtagify.me

hashtagify hashtag analytics tools

Hashtagify.me is one of the best twitter hashtag analytics and tracking tools that you can use for your social media marketing strategy. It not only enables you to search for hashtags and recent tweets about them, but even suggests more hashtags that are related to your past searches. It also allows you to find the top influencers for each hashtag. For every hashtag you search, hashtagify shows related hashtags, top influencers, usage patterns and even Instagram hashtag analytics.

Hashtagify provides a 1 month free trial with paid plans starting at $9.99/month.


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2. Socialert

socialert hashtag tracking tool

Socialert is a great social media monitoring tool that enables you to easily manage your social media campaigns and optimize your marketing strategy. It provides tons of amazing features that make it easy for everyone – from digital marketers to agencies – to get the most out of their social media marketing.

All you need to do is enter a hashtag or keyword, and Socialert will automatically generate a social media report that provides Twitter KPI’s such as top mentions, top influencers, reach, impressions, number of posts & users for your keyword. It also provides distribution of posts by country and user sentiment.

twitter analytics report socialert


Socialert is a great hashtag tracker that can be used for not only hashtag tracking but also brand monitoring, influencer marketing and twitter analytics. You can even apply filters to its social media reports, or export it in different formats to share them with your team and clients.

Socialert provides a free 3-day trial with pricing starting at $9.99/month.


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3. Twubs

twubs hashtag analytics software platform


Twubs is another awesome hashtag analytics tool that allows you to easily search the most popular hashtags, and follow conversations around them. It has an amazing auto-suggest feature that provides lots of relevant suggestions as you search for hashtags. You can even register a hashtag on Twubs and it would create dedicated landing page for you to follow conversations around your hashtag. In fact, you can also use it to have chat sessions with your audience.

In fact, Twubs also provides a hashtag directory to easily explore popular hashtags by various categories. You can use the Twubs hashtag directory to search hashtags alphabetically, or by category. The categories are further grouped as events (e.g concert, meetup, movement, etc), organization (e.g company, brand, youtube channel, non-profit, government) and topics (e.g music, movies, entertainment, gaming, etc )


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4. Tagboard

tagboard instagram hashtag analytics platform


Tagboard is basically like a Pinterest for Hashtags. When you type in a hashtag, Tagboard generates a Pinterest-like board of tweets and messages from various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, App.net & Vine. Basically, it also provides Facebook hashtag tracking, Instagram hashtag analytics in addition to Twitter analytics.

With Tagboard, you can not only track the popular hashtags, and messages around them, but also set your own hashtag that you want to monitor regularly. You can even apply various filters to monitor only those conversations that are relevant or interesting to you.

Tagboard provides a great hashtag analytics tool to easily track social media discussions that happen across various social media platforms, around a hashtag. You can even reply, like, share tweets right from within Tagboard.


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5. TweetBinder

tweetbinder hashtag tracker tool


TweetBinder is an amazing hashtag analytics and tracking tool for Twitter and Instagram that enables you to analyze, classify and monitor Twitter & Instagram content. It enables you to track hashtag popularity in real-time and generate insightful social media reports & walls for your organization, clients and even events. It provides tons of useful insights about each hashtag, such as top influencers, shared links, contributors, engaged users, reach, followers per user, tweet per user, and more. You can easily apply a variety of filters to slice and dice twitter hashtag analytics data as per your requirement. It’s a great hashtag tracking tool for brands and media agencies. Pricing begins at 150€/month.


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Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools provide a great way to find the most popular hashtags that you can use for your social media marketing campaigns and build your brand. They also provide tons of social media analytics & KPI’s that enable you to analyze & monitor hashtag performance and the content around those hashtags. They’re even useful to create social media reports and walls for events such as summits, conferences and expo’s, to display latest tweets around a hashtag, in real-time. However, the key is to evaluate each hashtag analytics software and choose the one that fits your requirements.


What is your favorite Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tool?