5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social Media Scheduling Tools enable you to automate social media posting of content and messages to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, from one place. Although Social Media Marketing has become a must for every business, it can be time consuming to be present on so many social media sites all the time. That’s where social media scheduling tools come in.

At a basic level, Social Media Scheduling Tools provide queues, feeds and scheduling recommendations. Queues allow you to schedule your posts and stagger their post times. Feeds allow you to monitor all your social media accounts from one place and respond to comments & messages. Scheduling recommendations tell you the ideal time to post your content, depending on your audience’s location and the type of your content, and some even provide a social media scheduling template.

Let’s look at the 5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools for that you can evaluate for your business or personal use.


5 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

The social schedulers are not listed in any particular order. The key is to try out each scheduling software to see if it meets your requirements, before making up your mind.


1. Buffer

buffer logo


Buffer is an amazing social media scheduling tool that enables you to schedule content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

buffer social media scheduling tool


With Buffer, you can schedule posts and tweets to your social media accounts, pages and even groups. It offers a free plan that allows you to connect 1 profile from each social network, and schedule up to 10 posts a day. It even suggests suitable time to schedule your posts along with a social media scheduling template, and provides analytics & reporting about the reach and engagement of your posts.

Buffer also provides extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera that allows you to share articles on buffer, directly from a web page.

Their paid plans start at $10/month and allow you to connect up to 10 social profiles and schedule up to 100 posts per social account. Based on our experience, Buffer is one of the best tools for scheduling social media and highly recommended.


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2. MavSocial

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MavSocial is another awesome Social Media Scheduling Tool that allows you to schedule your content on various social media platforms. What’s amazing about MavSocial is the huge library of images it offers to include in your scheduled posts. This is great in case you come across a great article that doesn’t have a featured image, or if you want to change its image to get more clicks.

mavsocial social media scheduler


Another useful feature is the ability to post videos from MavSocial to various social networks. MavSocial enables you to post content to popular social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. It even allows you to monitor user interactions such as comments and reply to them directly from within the tool.

MavSocial also provides useful analytics & reporting about user reach and engagement metrics for each post.


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3. MeetEdgar

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MeetEdgar is an insanely useful social media scheduling tool. It’s more like a content management system that has its own content library. When you schedule a post in MeetEdgar, it’s also added to its content library (called Edgar library) which re-posts your content one-by-one at a later point in time, so you don’t have to create a new schedule for it later.

Edgar Library classifies your content by categories so its super easy to select the type of content you want to schedule. It also provides a calendar (image below) that allows you to visually see the schedule of your posts. Just like Buffer, it even provides extensions for Chrome & Safari.

meetedgar social media scheduling software


With MeetEdgar, you can post content to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.


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4. Tailwind

tailwind logo


Tailwind is your go-to social media scheduling tool for Pinterest & Instagram. In fact, it’s an official partner of Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind allows you to schedule pins and and also recommends hot pins that you can share on your Pinterest Boards. It also analyzes your boards to ensure that they are optimized, and provides great analytics and reporting capabilities.

Tailwind tool for scheduling social media


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5. HootSuite

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HootSuite is an awesome social media scheduling tool. In fact, social posting is just one of the tons of features that HootSuite provides. It has grown to become a complete social media management platform.

HootSuite allows you to run multiple social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms from just one place. You can manage multiple social media accounts, track campaign performance, monitor & reply to social media conversations, and schedule posts to various social media sites.

hootsuite social media management platform


HootSuite offers a free plan that allows you to connect up to 3 social profiles. Their lowest paid plan is a Pro plan that allows you to connect up to 10 social profiles, offers bulk scheduling and real-time analytics.

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There are many social media scheduling tools available online. Some are pure social media schedulers (like Buffer) suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses while some offer more bells and whistles (like HootSuite) that are suitable for bigger marketing agencies and large enterprises. The key is to evaluate each social media tool and pick the one that fits your requirements.


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Do you use any of these social media scheduling tools? Which is your favorite social media scheduler?


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